Music for Mind, Body and Soul

Relaxation and Holistic Therapies

Guided Meditation and Self-Hypnosis

for Health and Well-being.

GUIDED MEDITATION and self-hypnosis 

Guided mediation uses a combination of relaxing soundscapes, sound effects and spoken word to guide the listener into a deep state of relaxation. Although hypnotherapy is not used in Guided Meditation,  listeners can benefit from a relaxed state of body and mind allowing a complete mental

‘time-out’ from the day-to-day stresses of life.


Self-Hypnosis creates a very deep state of relaxation, which allows the subconscious mind to open up and accept new ideas, emotions, concepts, patterns of behaviour and reactions. These are then transferred into the normal wakeful state.

Hypnosis will leave you feeling relaxed, positive, confident and empowered.


music for relaxation and holistic therapies

     Our special collection of music, specially chosen to accompany therapies  such as Reiki Healing, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Mindful Meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates and for pure relaxation. All acquired under license. A tonic for mind, body and soul.

children's stories to help them sleep

Created especially to aid sleep. These stories combine engaging adventures with background music and sound effects. They encourage children to become calmer and more relaxed in preparation for a restful sleep. Can be used anywhere at any time.




What we do

We are a  family run business led by Sharon Shinwell, UK qualified Holistic Therapist, Counsellor and Clinical Hypnotherapist.


We provide a range of professionally produced, high quality, Guided Meditation and Self-Hypnosis audio sessions for use at home, at a fraction of the cost of face-to-face therapy and always there when you need them.


We also offer Music to accompany all forms of  Holistic Therapy and

Spa Room Treatments

Highest quality

All recordings mastered to the highest standard using the latest audio-recording technology.

All Downloads are Mobile Friendly​ and will be instantly received when ordered.

Qualified Practitioner

All voice recordings are written and produced by Sharon Shinwell, a UK qualified Holistic Therapist and

Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapist.


Hypnotherapy recordings for personal use have been tried and tested for many years and proven to be so beneficial that the UK National Health Service offers this form of self-help therapy to their patients.​​​

Tried & Tested

Large selection of recordings from our unique scripts.

Over 300,000 recordings sold worldwide.​ 

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