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Our Story

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I'm Sharon Shinwell, a UK qualified Counsellor, Hypnotherapist and Clinical Supervisor for professionals working in the field of nursing, teaching, caring and  support.  I have 25 years experience of helping others improve their lives by using Hypnotherapy and Self-Hypnosis.

I am a  published author on the subject of using Hypnotherapy to change thoughts, feelings and  behaviour patterns. I believe that my Counselling qualifications  and years of experience working face-to-face with clients makes me stand out from the crowd, 

​“...Many Hypnotherapists are unqualified or have only completed a short,  stand-alone crash-course in Hypnotherapy. This puts the therapist at a disadvantage,  as they may have little understanding of the complexity of the underlying psychological issues that someone seeking Hypnotherapy may have...”.

Having gone through 4 years of training as a Counsellor, Group Therapist, Relationship Therapist  and Hypnotherapist, plus 25 years working in the field,  you can rest assured that you are getting a  professional, competent, confidential service at all times.

I have also appeared on BBC Radio, BBC TV and local TV as an expert and contribute to national newspapers and magazines.

Hypnosis recordings for personal use have been tried and tested for many years and proven to be so beneficial that the UK National Health Service  offers this form  of self-help therapy to many of their patients.

I want you go to get the most from my self-hypnosis recordings (CDs and Downloads) that you possibly can, so I have made them user-friendly. You will find all of the sessions easy to listen to, with no gimmicks, subliminal messages or irritating, overbearing music.

​The English-accented voice you will hear on all our self-hypnosis recordings is that of Sharon herself.

Diploma Counselling
Diploma Hypno-Psychotherapy
Diploma Group Therapy
Diploma Clinical Supervision
Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Diploma in Hypnotherapy for Cancer
Diploma Hypnotherapy for Infertility
Diploma in Hypno-Birthing

Alan Shinwell Director - Self-Hypnosis UK

Here To Listen Limited is very much a family business. Sharon’s husband Alan is a retired UK qualified Counsellor, having worked with clients with many issues.

Alan’s background in sales, marketing and business management, as well as having owned and run a very successful manufacturing company, means he can empathise  with work-related issues, the pressure of management and leadership and issues of work-life balance.

These days, most of Alan’s time is taken up with running the CD and Download part of the business and promoting the products online.

​Alan is dedicated (to the point of obsession), with providing a reliable, speedy  service. You can be assured that if your order is placed today, Alan will do his utmost to make sure that your order is processed and posted out the same day so it can be with you as soon as possible. Emails are answered within minutes during working hours.

Diploma in Counselling.
Diploma Marketing and eCommerce

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