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​Conquer your Skiing Nerves this season and every season with Self-Hypnosis

sharon shinwell clinical Hypnotherapist

How great would it feel to put on your skis and look down the hill without those nagging feelings of anxiety, tension and fear?


You could be about to start Ski lessons locally or you've booked your first ever ski holiday, or more than likely it's the umteenth time you've been skiing and you've promised yourself that...

"This year it will be different",

don't just think it,

Do it!!

Ski holidays and equipment can be expensive but for just £15.95, having this recording on your phone whenever you need it, may be your most valuable piece of kit but never listen to it while you are skiing.


This Self-Hypnosis session encourages and supports nervous skiers, to help them enjoy the wonderful experience of skiing down

snow-covered mountains without being

gripped by fear!


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The Confident Skier- Self-Hypnosis for nervous skiers

The lure of the snow-capped mountains, the stunning scenery, the cold, clean fresh air and the camaraderie of other skiers is a magical potion and far too good to miss out on. But for some of us, no matter how much we love this activity, that gut-churning feeling of anxiety, fear and dread just won’t subside when we are faced with the daunting prospect of setting off down the hillside.

These feelings can starts even before we get to the slopes, even before we get to the lifts, it often begins as we start to dress in morning for breakfast - does this sound familiar to you...? 

So this is how it goes...the day has arrived;  you've had some lessons, you've negotiated the chair lift or the button or T bar, which is enough of a trauma for some, and you've successfully managed to stay upright as you dismount...great...but the unavoidable it now fast approaching, your escape route has gone!   And there you stand...facing down the piste with those two cumbersome  planks on your feet, ski pole in either hand... you are at the point of no return...knowing that to get to where you want to go to, you must trust in your own ability to control those 'planks' as you launch yourself downhill. Trouble is, the very thought of this and all the physical feelings that these thoughts create, can stop you in your tracks!  

The longer you stand there and psyche yourself up, the steeper that hillside looks, your thoughts become preoccupied with all the negatives “what ifs”…”what if I hit some ice?”,  “what if another skier or boarder passes me or hits me?”,  “what if I can’t stop or turn in time?”, what if the starts snowing and I can't see properly?" and before you know it the only thing you really want to do is take your skis off and walk down!


So what can you do about your Skiing Nerves?  

Ask most people and they will tell you, "have more skiing lessons and that will build your confidence".  

Well this is where I have to disagree, from personal experience, this isn't the solution. Obviously you need to have established and practiced the basics and have an understanding of how weight-distribution, balance, speed and the edges of the skis influence movement.  Unlike many sports, skiing is not one you can guess at because it's not a-trial-and-error sort of thing, so yes,  lessons are paramount to begin with.


But having established a good foundation, where do you go if you still feel anxious, nervous or fearful?  You need change how your mind works and controls your body and it's reactions; that's where Sport Psychology through Hypnosis starts.. 

This Self-Hypnosis session will help to change how your sub-conscious mind thinks about skiing, this will then change how you feel and change how your body reacts.  Once this has happened, you can start to enjoy the thrill of skiing for the first time,  without all those nerves, anxieties, panic and fears!

So now imagine...standing on that very same piste... feeling relaxed, calm and above all, confident in your ability to control those skis. Remembering all you've been taught, automatically, without even thinking about it. Gliding along, approaching whatever is ahead with a self-assured, positive, confident frame of mind, breathing easily and rhythmically without any tension in your body. 

When you can do this in your mind’s eye, you can do it in reality - because you have been there, done it, experienced it in your sub-conscious mind; it’s as simple as that.

If you need proof of this, just watch the professionals on TV as they warm up for their run and will notice them physically mapping out the route in their mind's eye, deeply engrossed with their eyes closed, visualising every turn, every jump, every bend in the course - experiencing it in body and mind, both working together to achieve their goal
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Sports Psychology - because more instruction is not always the answer! 

The biggest barrier we experience today as therapists is that many experienced, fearless skiers still hold the view that tuition and coaching is the only answer to nervousness but I and many others know it’s more than that, it goes a lot deeper than having the skills and techniques to ski, you have to have the right mental attitude.  If you are fearful, you tense up, if you tense up, carrying out the necessary maneuvers to create smooth, balanced transitions is difficult, fatigue sets in, the skier becomes more unbalanced, the fear increases and the cycle continues - Hypnosis can break this cycle.

Mental Preparation: It’s well documented and accepted that Sports Psychology plays a major part in the mental preparation of many athletes, especially skiers. So if it's good enough for the pros, it must be good enough for the rest of us!

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