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​Conquer your Skiing Nerves this season and every season with Self-Hypnosis

sharon shinwell clinical Hypnotherapist

How great would it feel to step into your ski bindings and look down the slope without those nagging feelings of anxiety, tension and fear?


You could be about to start Ski lessons locally or you've booked your first ever ski holiday, or more than likely it's the umteenth time you've been skiing and you've promised yourself that...

"This year it will be different", don't just think it, do it!!

Ski holidays lift passes and equipment can be expensive but for just £15.95, having this recording on your phone whenever you need it, may be your most valuable piece of kit but never listen to it while you are skiing.


This Self-Hypnosis session encourages and supports nervous skiers, to help them enjoy the wonderful experience of skiing down

snow-covered mountains without being

gripped by fear!



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Imagine yourself in the midst of stunning scenery, among snow-capped mountains. You're among other skiers, enjoying the excitement of the adventure, and the air is crisp. Skiing is a passion and a trip into the beauty of nature, not just a sport.

But for some, dread and anxiety or panic can cast an unpleasant shade on this pleasure. Before you even get to the slopes, it begins to set in back at the hotel, as you get ready for the day. Can you identify?


Picture this scenario: The day has arrived; you've taken lessons, managed chair lifts, and dismounted successfully. Great progress, right? But now, the inevitable moment is approaching. Your escape route has vanished. You stand at the top of the piste, with those unwieldy planks strapped to your feet, ski poles in hand. It's the point of no return, and you must trust your ability to control those 'planks' as you descend. However, the mere thought of it and the physical sensations it invokes can stop you in your tracks.

As you stand there, your mind races with "what ifs." What if you encounter icy conditions? What if another skier or boarder crosses your path? What if you can't stop or turn in time? What if the weather worsens, and visibility becomes a challenge? These uncertainties might make you consider taking off your skis and walking down the mountain.





While we feel that traditional instruction is vital for any beginner. What's the secret to conquering your skiing nerves? While many might suggest taking more lessons to boost your confidence, we have a different perspective.

Certainly, lessons are essential to establish a strong foundation, including weight distribution, balance, speed control, and understanding how the edges of your skis influence your movement. However, once you've laid this groundwork, what do you do if anxiety, nervousness, or fear continue to plague your skiing experience?

This is where we introduce Sport Psychology through Self-Hypnosis. It's a powerful approach that goes beyond traditional instruction.


Our Self-Hypnosis recording is designed to revolutionize the way your subconscious mind perceives skiing. By altering your thoughts, emotions, and physical responses, you can finally relish the thrill of skiing without the weight of nerves, anxieties, panic, and fears.

Imagine this: You're back on that very same piste, feeling relaxed, calm, and, above all, confident in your ability to control those skis. You recall all you've learned in your subconscious mind, without even thinking about it. You glide down the piste with a self-assured, positive, confident mindset. Your breathing is steady, and your body is free from tension.

What you can visualize in your mind, you can achieve in reality—it's as simple as that. Just consider the professionals on TV as they prepare for their runs, physically mapping out their routes in their mind's eye. With their eyes closed, they visualize every turn, jump, and bend, experiencing it both in body and mind. It's the power of mental preparation, and it works wonders.

Are you ready to break free from anxiety and embrace skiing like never before? Don't hesitate. 


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