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A relaxing, calming journey of Guided Meditation for Stress Relief. Imagery and visualisation to combat the emotional and pysical symptoms of stress and anxiety.

  • Are you finding it hard to sleep, worrying about the future?
  • Are you anxious about your health or the health of your loved ones?
  • Are finacial hardships making life more stessful than usual?
  • Do you feel as if there is never enough “me time” in your life?
  • Do you find it hard to really switch off and relax, unless you are asleep?
  • Do you think you look older than your age because of stress-lines and wrinkles on your face?
  • Are you always looking for something to do, dashing around all day, then find you are too shattered to sleep?


If you can answer 'yes' to all or some of the above, then guided meditation is for you.


File format: Zipped folder containing mp3 files

Guided Meditation for Stress Relief and Relaxation Download Today

    • Track 1, Introduction to Guided Meditation, Imagery and Visualisation
    • Track 2, Information about Stress
    • Track 3, Guided Meditation, relaxation of the entire body, deeper calming of the mind followed by a gentle stroll along a sunny beach. The music and sounds of the sea and waves then continue for further relaxation.
  • Guided Meditation, Imagery and Visualisation centers the mind’s eye so that a deeper level of relaxation and meditation is accomplished. This holistic approach using all your senses of hearing, sight, touch, taste, and smell permits the wonderful experiences you encounter in your imagination to transfer into your real world - positive mental and physical changes can then happen, giving you a feeling of empowerment and well-being.

    This inspiring collection of Guided Meditation, Imagery, Visualisation and Deeply Relaxing recordings from Here To Listen; all include the spoken word of a female with an English accent. The empowering words, ideas and suggestions presented are carefully mixed with soothing, emotionally-stirring music throughout and natural sound effects inspired by nature, where appropriate. The music then continues for a prolonged period at the end of each recording enabling you to you continue relaxing or to fall asleep if it’s appropriate for you to do so.

    Note from the Author: There are no references to religion or the supernatural in my recordings.

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