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This Self-Hypnosis session will help you to manage exam and presentation stress and anxiety especially if your mind goes blank or freezes during written and oral exams or during a test or presentation.


The dialogue in this session takes you into an exam or test situation, and walks you through the process, whilst suggesting only positive, relaxing, calming thoughts.

  • Does your mind go blank when you look at your exam sheets?
  • Does your fear of exams make you feel sick with nerves?
  • Does your heart race and your head throb as you start your test or exam?
  • Does the anxiety and fear of exams cause sweating hands, and a dry mouth?​

This session will leave you feeling positive and competent; you may never suffer with exam or test nerves or anxiety again because you will approach these with a different mind-set.  By using guided imagery, positive self-talk and post-hypnotic techniques you will learn how to control and eliminate feelings of fear, anxiety, and panic when taking an exam or test. 


Once you have learnt how to relax, and stay calm, the anxiety will subside and the mind and body can start to perform at their optimum levels.

Self-Hypnosis can eliminate fear of exams and tests and the anxiety that causes the mind to go blank or freeze during written and oral exams or during a test.

'Post Hypnotic' suggestions are offered during the hypnotic process and these will allow the information and data stored in the subconscious mind’s memory banks, to become more easily accessible to the conscious mind in a wakeful state.

Post hypnotic ‘Triggers’  help the listener whilst in a fully conscious state, to reaffirm and re-establish a state of calmness; allowing the information and knowledge they know they have, to flow unhindered from the mind.

Manage Exam & Presentation Stress: Hypnosis Download

    • An introduction to Hypnotherapy.
    • Progressive 4 step calming process to prepare body and mind for Hypnosis.
    • Drifting “special place” to assist the subconscious mind to distance itself from the conscious mind ready to accept new ideas..
    • Confidence Building – mind and memory improvement, positive outcomes.
    • Virtual exam/test situation feeling positive, calm and relaxed using imagery and visualisation.
    • Post-Hypnotic tools for remaining in control in future test or exam situations.
    • Relaxing re-entry in to the conscious world.
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