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This session makes starting an exercise programme easy and encourages you to maintain it with enthusiasm. Changing your lifestyle can be hard, sometimes you just need a helping hand to achieve it.


You know that burning more calories than you take in and regular exercise is the best way to stay healthy and fit,  but there is a little voice inside your head that just keeps saying “…tomorrow, next week, next month I will definitely make a start…”.

  • Are you one of those people that likes the idea of exercise and know you need to do it, but lack the motivation to get started?
  • How great would you feel if you had just completed your exercise regime and actually found it to be a pleasurable experience?
  • You know you will feel better after a workout, yet you just can’t bridge the gap between thinking about exercise and actually getting on with it!​

The new YOU starts here!

With the best will in the world, starting an exercise plan or continuing one after disruption can be an uphill struggle, once the newness has worn off, or the amount of weight we were losing begins to diminish, we can often lose the momentum of including exercise in our weekly schedule.  This can be despite joining an expensive gym, and often results in yet another 'new year’s resolution' failing!  Or perhaps you bought an expensive exercise machine or DVD and promised yourself you would use them every day; but it all seems just too much effort and you start to make excuses about time restraints, waiting for an injury to repair, waiting till we have a special event to motivate us, or finding a partner to exercise with. You  know deep down these are just excuses, and even though we feel guilty,  you just can’t find the motivation to spur you on.

This is the time to make those changes, by using Hypnotherapy!

Motivation to Exercise: Hypnosis Download Fitness Solution

    • An introduction to Hypnotherapy.
    • This Motivation to Exercise session starts with a wonderful relaxing process slowing down body and mind.
    •  Deepening of the relaxation process allowing access paths to the sub-conscious mind.
    • Mind-altering visualisation and guided imagery to alter thoughts, feelings attitudes towards exercise deep within the subconscious mind.
    • Post-hypnotic tools to use when in a wakeful state that make you feel healthy, re-energised and positive.
    • Relaxing re-entry to conscious world.
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