Anger Management Self-Hypnosis

Are your angry? Are emotional reactions making life difficult for you and those around you?

​Use this Anger Management session and the techniques you will learn, to get your life back on track, make life comfortable for yourself as well as others and feel in control of all you say and do.


  • When you are angry do you get  into trouble?
  • When you argue do you feel out of control?
  • Are your relationships being compromised by your temper?
  • Do you actually scare yourself at how angry you sometimes get?
  • Do you feel that someday you will harm someone without even realising it?
  • Does your anger make you behave, and respond in such a way that proves to you that you are not in control?
  • Does rage, irritation or frustration make you say things you wish you hadn’t even to loved ones?

If this sounds like you, learn how to Control Anger and a Bad Temper now with Self-Hypnosis.


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Anger Management Self-Hypnosis

    • Introduction to Hypnotherapy.
    • Relaxation of Body and Mind – Preparation for Hypnosis.
    • Metaphors, guided imagery – The Anger Dial
    • Confidence Building – You can do this.
    • Post Hypnotic Techniques – Staying in Control.
    • Relaxing, gentle re-entry to the conscious world.

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  • With the help of this Self-Hypnosis session you will start to use different techniques to manage your anger, to the point that it no longer exists. Only you will know the methods you are using, there are no external signs such as tapping on head or body, or carrying out any unusual actions or tasks.
    You will become more tolerant and accepting and be able to put up with circumstances and people that before, may have irritated you, frustrated you, or made you feel very angry. This session will change your thought processes, which will therefore change your physical and emotional responses and teach you breathing control techniques that will stop the red mist appearing!

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