Eyes Closed

Music for meditation, relaxation, massage and exercise

Deep Relaxation for Mind,
Body and Spirit.

Ideal for the Spa and Therapy room, Mindfulness Meditation, Tia Chi Exercise and many other Holistic Therapies 


Take some time-out
to let your mind wander
& your body rest...

Music for all


Selected by Sharon Shinwell, UK qualified Holistic Therapist.

Experience a relaxing, calming journey of body and mind, as you listen to our music tracks, that are ideal

for Mindfulness Meditation, Spa and Therapy Room, Tia Chi, Reiki Healing, Yoga and Pilates. 


Dreamy landscapes that ebb and flow, constantly changing, helping you to relax and switch off.

Listen to a short sound sample of our Music Titles

Time and Reflection - sound sample
Tibetan Buddhist, Chinese - sound sample
Tai Chi Exercise - sound sample
Spirit of Yellowstone - sound sample
Spirit of Wyoming - sound sample
Spa and Therapy Room - sound sample
Reiki Healing and Aromatherapy - sound sample
Yoga and Pilates - sound sample
Journey into Sleep - sound sample
Mindfulness Meditation - sound sample vol.1
Mindfulness Meditation sound sample vol.2
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