Letting Go of the Past Self-Hypnosis

Making associations and attachments to unwanted or unpleasant memories can be upsetting and distressing because it can stop us from letting go of the past and moving on from that situation. It can destroy the pleasure and contentment of something new that is happening right now. Hypnotherapy can change how your mind deals with negative memories. This will free you to enjoy the present day and the future ahead.


Often thoughts about past events or people can influence how we perceive what we are experiencing at the present time so we judge something or someone by what has gone before, and this can be very vexing for others because they can’t understand why we are reacting as we are, or saying the things we are saying. This can lead to all kinds of misinterpretations, conflicts and confrontation.

​Thinking about the past, can be beneficial.  

It can be uplifting, supportive and rewarding, it can ready us to manage present day situations in a better way and it helps us to learn from our errors. But the emotional distress of recreating past negative experiences, whether they be a relationship, a traumatic event or something that you hadn’t expected to cause anguish, can be physically challenging and this can have an impact on our health in the long-term.

So if the past creeps up on you, taking you by surprise and causes you anguish, or the past governs your thoughts when you don’t want it to, something needs to change.


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Letting Go of the Past Self-Hypnosis

    • An introduction to Hypnotherapy.
    • Deep Relaxation in preparation of the Hypnotic state.
    • Drifting – detachment of the conscious and unconscious mind.
    • Imagery and visualisation journey – house on the hill.
    • Therapy – Letting go, closing the box.
    •  Post-Hypnotic suggestions for a happier future
    • Relaxing re-entry to conscious world.

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  • You can’t alter the past but you can change how you feel about it. This Self-Hypnosis session will help you to feel more relaxed about occurrences and experiences from the past,  so that you can accept them for what they were.  Hypnotherapy can re-programme how your subconscious mind makes you think and feel about those past experiences so that you can let them go. You don’t lose the memory, just the negative feelings associated with them.  You will then have the freedom of thought to enjoy the present and the future.

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