How does Hypnosis work?

Since hypnosis accesses the creative unconscious part of the mind, where there is no ‘challenge’ or ‘resistance’ to new ideas and concepts, the mind becomes receptive and responsive in such a way that it can absorb these new ideas and concepts quickly and easily. Therefore the treatment can be much more effective and produces longer-lasting results than with many other complementary and alternative forms of therapy.

When Hypnotherapy is used for improving health, the process can actually affect the way the body functions. By focusing on certain biological and physiological aspects of the body, whilst in a state of hypnosis, it is possible to cause blood to flow better, veins to dilate, heart rate to reduce, and white blood cells counts to increase, thus improving the immune system.

By simply listening to one of our self-hypnosis recordings, you will become progressively more and more relaxed until you enter a deep, relaxed, hypnotic trance state.


All the tension and stress is eliminated from the body, and as the body relaxes so does the mind. The deep relaxation process will distract the conscious part of your mind, and while this happens, positive suggestions are given directly to the unconscious part of the mind.

Once the unconscious mind is open, it is much more receptive to the information it needs to change the unwanted experience or behaviour you want to stop or change. When you’re in a deep, relaxed state of hypnosis, you will be given ‘post hypnotic anchors’, which you can use when in a conscious wakeful state, these help to activate the changes, such as feeling more self-confident, determined to lose weight, control a pain or fear or phobia or to quit smoking forever.

How long does Hypnotherapy take to work?

Everyone responds to Hypnotherapy and Self-Hypnosis differently, just as people do to any form of therapeutic intervention. Some will notice an instant change and for others it may take longer, but even when it feels that nothing at all has actually happened, you’ll be surprised at just how much has changed, but this is only noticed in retrospect, when you look back at how you were before you started using self-hypnosis. Just give it time and don’t try too hard to make it happen. You will find that the more often you use self-hypnosis, the easier it will be to achieve a very relaxed state of hypnosis, and the deeper the hypnotic trance state will become.



When should I listen to my session and how often?

Self-Hypnosis should be practised daily for the first 5-6 days so that you become accustomed to the process and can relax as deeply as possible. Thereafter, use the session until you have achieved the level of success you need or your goal is achieved to a satisfactory level or when you feel you need to re-affirm the goal you have already achieved. You cannot use self-hypnosis too much! The only exception to this is the Virtual Gastric Band Journey which only needs listening to once. You can choose to use it more often if you wish to, but you will be repeating a surgical operation which in real life, you wouldn’t do. 

​​You can listen to your self-hypnosis session anytime you like, but NOT when driving, operating any machinery or carrying out any activity that requires concentration. You should also make sure that you won’t be unnecessarily disturbed when you listen to your self-hypnosis session. It is important that you allow yourself 40 – 45 minutes in a safe place with peace and quiet.



Can I just stop listening and awaken whenever I want to?

Yes, most certainly, the trance state of Hypnosis can be broken at any time, you will still be able to hear everything, respond to others and be fully conscious to attend to anything that you need to.


Will I fall asleep and will it still work if I do?

If you hear the count-up at the end of the recording, then you were not asleep although it may have felt as though you were, and your subconscious mind has absorbed what it needs to. If you are unaware of the end of the recording, then it maybe that you entered into a state of sleep. If this occurs you will have absorbed the information up to the point of sleeping, but not afterwards, so try listening in future in a more upright position, in a well lit room, when you are less tired. Contrary to some misinformation offered, if you cannot hear something, you cannot absorb it!

Can I listen to more than one session in a day?

You can but we suggest that you leave at least an hour between them, so that your mind has time to assimilate and absorb the information from the earlier one. Ideally though, it would be better to resolve one issue before attending to another, as the mind can be overloaded with information and this could reduce the effectiveness.


Is Hypnotherapy suitable for everyone?

If you suffer from schizophrenia, paranoia, psychopathy any psychosis or are violent, then hypnotherapy cannot help you. If you suffer from persistent or chronic symptoms, such as high or low blood pressure that is not being treated, please consult your doctor or practitioner for advice.

Hypnotherapy is not a cure, it’s an aid that helps the subconscious mind change how it processes information. This allows new ideas, thoughts, sensations, visions and experiences to become embedded in the memory so that they can be recalled when needed.

Any suggestions or ideas that are unacceptable to you in wakeful state, will be just as unacceptable in a hypnotic state, therefore hypnotherapy and the state of hypnosis cannot make you say anything or do anything that you would not normally do.


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