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​This Hypnosis session to overcome depression is designed to fight the most common symptoms of depression and to lift that dark shadow of misery, anguish and gloom. The fact that you are looking at this means you are ready…you’ve got this far…you just need to take the next step!


To even begin to feel better, you have to gather up from the depths of anguish, enough energy and motivation to take action and get help with overcoming depression, and that's hard enough, but when your subconscious mind starts this process for you, there is no reason why you should not be able to make all those positive, life-changing choices you need to make, in order to turn your life around.


This session, addresses the central source of depression, the mind; changing the way the unconscious mind works, which then changes how the conscious mind operates, lifting the mood and letting you to see a more positive outlook for the future.


Format: Zipped folder containing mp3 files

Overcome Depression: Safe & Effective Hypnosis Download

    • An introduction to Hypnotherapy.
    • Deep relaxation of body and mind to prepare you for hypnosis.
    • The “drift” technique for disassociation of the conscious and unconscious minds.
    • Talking to the unconscious mind – the unwanted visitor.
    • Banishing the unwelcome visitor with the use of guided imagery and visualisation techniques
    • Self-esteem and confidence building.
    • Looking at the future without depression.
    • Post-Hypnotic tools for the future.
    • Relaxing re-entry to the conscious world feeling relaxed, positive and motivated.
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