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​​This Self-Hypnosis digital download to help overcome the fear of flying is designed to help you control and eradicate your fear. In fact, flying may become a pleasurable experience that opens up the world of travel like never before!


  • Does the very idea of boarding an plane make you anxious, nervous, fearful, and panicky, sometimes to the extent that you feel sick?
  • Do those feelings begin as far back as when you think about booking a trip that you know will mean you will have to fly, or perhaps they begin once the trip actually booked and you know you are on the countdown of days before the awful time will arrive?
  • Does each vacation bring with it a feeling of terror, because you know you will have to force yourself to cope with your fears and anxieties?
  • Does your fear of flying make you put off  trips that could be beneficial to you such as business trips or maybe to your determent, you avoid them altogether; so reducing opportunities?
  • Do you want to avoid passing on negative messages to your children about flying on an plane, so that they will grow up feeling confident about flying?

If you can answer yes to the above, then this session may be what you need.

Overcome Fear of Flying: with our Hypnosis Download

    • Information about Hypnotherapy
    • Deep Relaxation of Body and Mind
    • The 4-breath Technique – your magic colour
    • Preparation for Hypnosis
    • Therapy – The flight
    • Confidence Building – loving the experience
    • Journey’s end – Gentle, relaxed re-entry to the conscious world

    The Therapeutic part of this session is designed to help you to overcome your fear by taking you through the process of being a passenger. Allowing you for the first time to experience everything you feel, hear and see in a totally relaxed, calm confident fashion.

    When you are in a relaxed, deep trance-like state, you will find you can alter how your subconscious mind thinks about your fear of flying, and this will alter how you actually feel and how your body reacts in a real-life situation. 

    The Post Hypnotic ‘suggestions’ offered to you during the session will help you maintain this state of mind when you need it.​​​

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