Overcome Anxiety and Panic Attacks Self-Hypnosis

A powerful aid for panic or anxiety attacks to give you the tools to take back control and reduce the severity of your attacks or even eliminate them completely. It is an effective, gentle, non-invasive treatment for anxiety and panic attacks.


You will learn to change and re-educate your subconscious mind so that you can change how you think, feel and then react and behave in any given situation.

You will find this session simple and effective to use, non-invasive producing long-term changes, It can be used by almost everyone. Most of our sessions include the benefits of soothing music at strategic points, helping you to relax even more and absorb the information, whilst the soothing voice of our therapist guides you with gentle suggestions, positive language and life changing imagery.You will be in control at all times, able to wake up immediately should you need to. Hypnotherapy cannot make you do, say anything or act in any way that is not normally acceptable to you. By using our self-hypnosis pre-recorded material you will have, at the touch of button, a full Hypnotherapy Session that can be used whenever you need to, as often as you need to. It’s as simple as that.

Overcome Anxiety and Panic Attacks Self-Hypnosis


    • Information about causes and symptoms of panic and anxiety attacks (knowledge is power) ·
    • Relaxation Breathing Techniques – which can be used in the conscious, wakeful world to help reduce any physical symptoms.
    • Deep Relaxation – The beginning of Hypnosis (this opens up communication paths within the mind which allows the conscious mind to shut down and take a back seat so that the subconscious mind can start to absorb new, more positive information that will influence the conscious mind in a wakeful state.
    • Panic Prevention Tools to help you deal with stressful situations – The end of future Anxiety or Panic Attacks (positive affirmations, guided imagery, positive self-talk to help combat negative feelings and thoughts) Therapy for the Subconscious Mind – Changing thoughts, feelings and reactions at the very root of their creation (confidence building, seeing the world in a new way, the future looks good, seeing and feeling the calmness within.
    • Consolidation – bringing all that you have learnt and felt forward to the conscious world – conscious and subconscious minds working together as one so that Anxiety or Panic are a thing of the past.

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  • The problem with anxiety and panic attacks is that they usually occur when there is no obvious physical threat there at all. Your body is reacting as though it was about to be attacked when in reality it is not. In other words it is a ‘false’ alarm.

    It is a bit like the annoying smoke detector which goes off at all the wrong times, because it is sensitive to small amounts of smoke. Or the burglar alarm that goes off because of the cat. Or even more annoying, the car alarm that is triggered by the wind. These are all alarms that can be triggered when there is in fact no danger. The same can be the case with your body’s ‘alarm’ system. Sometimes it can be triggered off when there is no real danger.

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