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Guided Meditation for Panic Attacks Download Today

​Panic and Anxiety Attacks can be very frightening and sometimes, feel as though you are having a heart attack. Rest assured, you aren't!


  • Do you feel you’re going “crazy” or something embarrassing might happen?
  • Do you experience an uncomfortable feeling of anxiety and panic?
  • When a panic or anxiety attack takes a grip of you do you feel a loss of control or sense of terror, is your heart pounding  or do pains in your chest convince you that you’re having a heart attack? 
  • Are you afraid of these feelings?

If you can answer yes to the above, then this Guided Meditation for Panic Attacks, can really help.


File format: Zipped folder containing mp3 files

Guided Meditation for Anxiety and Panic Attacks. Download and Start Today

  • Track 1: An Introduction to Guided Meditation, Imagery for Anxiety and Panic Attacks
    Track 2: Information about Anxiety and Panic Attacks
    Track 3: Guided Meditation, Imagery, Visualisation and Relaxation of  mind and body,  followed by a walk in the forest, which incorporates Cognitive Behavior Therapy, positive language, ideas, suggestions and metaphors; all used together and combined with relaxing music, sounds of birds and a gentle running stream.

    The music then continues on for further relaxation and enjoyment. 
    Total running time 70 minutes.

    ​This spoken-word session includes sounds recorded in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

  • Our uplifting series of Guided Meditation, Imagery, Visualisation and Deeply Relaxing recordings from Here To Listen, contain the spoken word of the English accent of Sharon Shinwell. The powerful words, ideas and suggestions heard are carefully combined with soothing, emotionally-stirring music throughout and natural soundscapes inspired by nature, where appropriate.

    ​The music continues for a lengthy period at the end of each recording so that you can continue to relax or fall asleep if it’s appropriate to do so. When you have finished listening to your chosen recording you will not only feel very relaxed but also peaceful and calm within, more self-confident, positive and optimistic about your future.

    ​Note from the Author: There are no references to religion or the supernatural in my recordings.

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