Guided Meditation

Deep Relaxation for Mind,
Body and Spirit.

Guided mediation uses a combination of relaxing soundscapes, sound effects and spoken word to guide the listener into a deep state of relaxation.


Although Hypnotherapy is NOT used in this collection, Sharon uses her vast experience as a therapist to guide the listener into a deep, relaxed state of mind; a complete mental and physical

‘time-out’ from day to day life and a release from any anxieties or worries that may be present.

Take some time-out
to let your mind wander
& your body rest...



Produced and recorded by Sharon Shinwell, UK qualified Holistic Therapist.

Experience a relaxing, calming journey of body and mind, as you listen to Sharon’s soothing voice.  Leave all those feelings of stress behind, as you travel through a world of Guided Meditation and Visualisation. Soft music plays in the background of a dreamy beach landscape, helping you relax and switch off.

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