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This Help for Relationship problems Programme, created by UK Qualified Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Life Coach Sharon Shinwell, is a comprehensive guide to understanding and improving relationships.


With over 22 documents in 'word' format, this program covers every aspect of why relationships can fail and how to make them a success. After years of working with clients at my counselling practice, I have developed this program to provide expert guidance and support to couples wanting to stay together. The programme contains exercises and work sheets that I gave to my clients to work on at home.


After purchase, the files will be instantly available for download, and the program can also be requested on CD. With this program, you will learn how to communicate effectively, meet each other's needs, and reignite the passion from the early days of your relationship. Don't let your relationship fade into a smouldering pile of ashes, take action and rekindle the magic with the Relationship Repair Programme. You may also wish to read our extensive blog post "Broken Relationships, expert tips for fixing and rebuilding" HERE


Self-Help for Relationship Problems Common Issues & expert solutions

  • Although the contents are copyrighted to Here To Listen Limited, you can print and change them for personal use.  Start your journey by reading the eBook Guide and follow the instructions from there. You can also adjust and adapt your journey to fit in with your own pathway to happiness.

  • Examples of just some of the documents:


    0. eBOOK GUIDE

    1.  Is it all over?  

    2.  Productive Arguing records

    3.  Goal setting

    4.  Time out and anger contracts

    5.  Action on anger

    6.  Making changes

    7.  Making changes

    8.  Irrational ideas, fixed rules, and challenging Faulty Thinking

    9.  Using Automatic Negative Thought Records

    10. Cognitive Restructuring

    11. Self reflection

    12. Expressing anger and making requests

    13. Communication practice

    14. Goal Setting

    15. Peace making


    Additional Helpful Information:


    1. Common Conflicts

    2. Jealousy work-sheet

    3. CBT - Challenging negative thoughts

    4. CBT - Typical thinking errors

    5. CBT - Disputing Negative Thinking - 20 questions

    6. The Decision Balance Sheet

    7. Self-esteem


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