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Boost your Immune System and Lower Stress Hormones. Times can be stressful with worries about Pandemics and the health of loved ones. Since Covid-19 arrived on our shores it's more important than ever that we give our bodies the best fighting chance it  can have, to combat  this disease. Boosting the immune system with a heatlhy diet, exercise and mindfulness positivity goes a long way and  Self-Hypnois adds to this, giving the body extra support when it needs it most.


​There is lots of evidence to support the concept that how we think has an affect on how we feel. The subconscious mind is an influential tool when it comes to our health. If someone believes and imagines strongly enough and for long enough, that they are going to die, then often that person will in fact become ill. It’s the belief, self-talk and the mind’s eye that holds the answer.


When you are in a state of hypnosis certain physiological changes occur; decreased heart rate, decreased  blood pressure, decrease in metabolic rate and oxygen usage, decrease in skeletal muscle tension, and a decrease in alpha activity to mention just a few. There is close connection between our mental state and physical state; those that suffer with depression know this only too well.  When people are unhappy, stressed or anxious, their immune system suffers too, but this connection between a healthy state of mind, a healthy immune system and physical good health can be used to our advantage.

Hypnosis creates a distinct state of mind and opens up a communication between your conscious and subconscious mind.

With this communication route open, your subconscious mind can accept new ideas and suggestions that improve health. Guided imagery will help your mind to boost the body’s immune system. This boosted immune system will then go on to repair, replenish and strengthen the body from within, cell by cell, nerve by nerve and muscle by muscle.

This Hypnotherapy session will leave you feeling healthy, calm, relaxed, and positive about the future.

Hypnotherapy is recognised and supported by National Health Service in UK and as valid alternative therapy, so you can rest assured in the knowledge that it has been tried and tested.

Boost your Immune System Lower Stress Hormones Hypnosis Download

    • Introduction to Hypnotherapy.
    • Deep Relaxation of Body and Mind – preparation for Hypnosis.
    • Guided Imagery and suggestions – The Elevator.
    • The Liquid of Life.
    • Confidence Building.
    • Gentle re-entry to the conscious world.

    Note: Do not stop taking any prescribed medication without first consulting your doctor.

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