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For many parents and their children, bedtime can be a traumatic experience, when for one reason or another a child has trouble sleeping.

Our children's range DO NOT use hypnotherapy. Instead, they combine engaging stories, told in a soft, soothing voice with background music and sound effects to help your children relax, calm and naturally drift off into a peaceful, restful sleep.

Listen to a sample from one of the stories,

The Adventures of Isaac & Hannah, below.

The Adventures of Isaac & Hannah

In this collection of 3 engaging children's stories, written and narrated by Sharon Shinwell, we follow the adventures of brother and sister Isaac and Hanna. Sharon's soothing voice combined with the engaging content may provide the solution you are seeking to help your child achieve a restful nights sleep. 

The stories are perfect for toddlers and children aged 2 to 6 but can be listened to by any child. They are ideal for bedtime or any other time your children need help to sleep. Great for long car journeys, flights and train rides or simply to help calm and relax your child.​

Each story lasts approximately 17 minutes and ends with soft music allowing your child plenty of time to drift off to sleep, if they haven't already.

The Adventures of Isaac and Hannah.png

**Listen to a preview below**

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