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Stop Smoking With Hypnosis, Binge Eating Hypnotherapy, hypnosis quit smoking, stop smoking hypnosis, addiction hypnotherapy

​If you have already decided you to want to Stop Smoking, then the powerful encouragement of this session will help you achieve your goal of becoming a non-smoker.


  • Are you always trying to stop smoking?
  • Do you feel like an outcast each time you light up?
  • Are you worried that your habit will damage your health or the health of those close to you?
  • Do you cough in the evening or when you get out of bed in the morning?
  • Are you breathless when you run or climb up the stairs?
  • Have your tried to stop smoking in the past and lost the motivation, given into temptation and started again?
  • Are you struggling to quit smoking although you are aware that smoking is compromising your health?

Post-hypnotic ‘anchor’ words will help you to be strong, and maintain your new, positive, determination to remain a non-smoker.  Even when you are back in the conscious world, the dominant feelings of being in control of your old smoking habit will be just as strong and solid.


Positive imagery,  suggestions and Aversion Therapy techniques will stimulate your subconscious mind to and control your conscious one, so that when you have finished listening to this session, even the idea of smoking will become abhorrent to you and the desire to smoke will no longer be in your thoughts.

Quit Smoking Today: Transform Your Life with Our Hypnosis Download

    • Introduction to Hypnotherapy.
    • Relaxation of Body – Preparation for Hypnosis.
    • Therapy – The Comfy Chair
    • Seeing your body improve cell by cell
    • Post-Hypnotic Tools for staying a non-smoker
    • Gentle, relaxing re-entry to the conscious world as a non-smoker.

    ​Stopping smoking can alter the way medicine works on the body so, if you are on long-term medication, tell your doctor you are going to quit smoking.

    Sharon Shinwell was an NHS smoking cessation adviser for many years.

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