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Guided Meditation for Positive Thinking Download

​This Guided Meditation Meditation for Positive Mental Attitude session will help your mind to stop producing those negative thoughts and to let them go for good, so that they no longer influence your day to day life. Leaving you free to enjoy the here-and-now and the future.


  • ​Do you find negative thoughts dominate your thinking however hard you try to remain positive?
  • Do you feel that no matter how positive you try to remain, those negative thoughts keep creeping back in?
  • Do your negative thoughts make you feel exhausted and despondent?
  • Do you feel that you lack motivation to try something new because you always find the reasons why not to, rather than why you should?
  • Are you visualising the world as it really is or how you imagine or believe it to be – in a negative light?

If you can answer yes to the above, then this can really help.


File format:Zipped folder containing mp3 files
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Guided Meditation for a Positive Mental Attitude. Download and Start Today

  • Track 1: Introduction to Guided Meditation, Imagery and Visualisation.
    Track 2: Guided Meditation, Imagery, Visualisation session for Positive Thinking – almost 1 hour.

    ​Guided Visualisation and Relaxation of the body and mind followed by a walk in the jungle with positive language, concepts, suggestions and metaphors. The music will then continue for your pleasure and more relaxation.

    This spoken-word recording includes music, a running stream, sounds of the jungle and birds .

  • Guided Meditation, Imagery and Visualisation focuses the mind’s eye so that a deeper level of relaxation can be accomplished. This holistic approach using all your senses of hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell allows the delightful experiences you meet in your imagination to transfer into your wakeful world.

    Positive mental and physical changes can then occur, giving you a feeling of empowerment and well-being.

    This inspiring collection of Guided Imagery, Visualisation and Deeply Relaxing recordings contain the spoken word of a female with an English accented voice. The empowering words, ideas and suggestions presented are carefully mixed with soothing, emotionally-stirring music throughout and natural sounds enthused by nature, where fitting. The music will continue for a prolonged period at the end of each recording so that you can continue to relax or go to sleep if it’s appropriate to do so.
    After listening to your chosen recording you will not only feel thoroughly relaxed but also peaceful inside, calmer, more self-confident, positive and hopeful about the future.

    Note from the Author: There are no references to religion or the supernatural in my recordings.

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