Overcome Social Anxiety Self-Hypnosis

​Do you get the feeling that you are standing on the outside of life, looking in? Well help is here.This Self-Hypnosis session can change your life around, giving you that extra boost to help you feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease, wherever you are or whoever you are with.

If the following situations seem familiar to you, you may be suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder.


  • Are you terrified when you walk into a room full of strangers?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by other people at work?
  • Do you get tongue tied or uncomfortable when talking to the opposite sex?
  • When faced with possible confrontation, do you just want to flee?
  • Do you stay quiet because you feel you have nothing to contribute to conversations ?
  • Do you avoid life-changes because meeting new people stops you?
  • Are you so nervous about attending social occasions so you avoid them altogether?


Format: zipped folder - mp3 files

Overcome Social Anxiety Self-Hypnosis

    • An introduction to Hypnotherapy
    • Deep Relaxation to prepare body and mind for hypnosis
    • Disassociation of the conscious and subconscious minds
    •  Confidence Building – being with other people
    • Visualisation and guided imagery – seeing the future
    • Relaxing re-entry into the conscious world feeling positive, confident, relaxed and calm.

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  • ​Human beings are social animals, so when we intermingle with others, we are satisfying a basic human requirement. For some people though, being the centre of attention in a crowd, walking into a room full of strangers, being introduced to someone they don’t know, is such a gut-wrenching experience they would rather avoid it at all costs. Trying to catch the attention of others, joining in a conversation or asking a question is something they feel anxious about, so they say nothing, and all these encounters can seem so daunting that even just thinking about them fills them with horror. And when they actually do pluck up the nerve to act, they are struck dumb with anxieties, or they stutter and stammer, or start blushing, then make up an excuse to flee the situation as fast as possible.

    If evasion carries on unchecked, other emotional and physical symptoms can occur, like panic and anxiety attacks, eating disorders, agoraphobia, low confidence, and in stark cases, alcohol or drug abuse so begin to make those changes now!

    This session can help re-programme the subconscious mind, and put an end to all those negative thoughts and feelings that stop you enjoying that interaction with others.

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