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Fear of Flying? Conquer It! Easy Tips & Self-Hypnosis for a Calm Flight

Updated: Mar 25

A woman calmly taking here seat on a plane

Many people worldwide have this fear called aviophobia – it's when you have a real fear of flying and you can't handle being in a plane. This fear can be triggered by different things, like when the plane shakes or you feel like you can't control it, or if you've had bad experiences while flying before.

When people who are afraid of flying have to think about getting on a plane, they go through a really tough time. Their heart races, they might get dizzy, can't breathe well, or even have panic attacks. These feelings can be so bad that they just avoid flying altogether. And that's a big deal – it messes up their personal and work lives dramatically.

Fortunately, this fear of flying can be dealt with. It doesn't have to stop someone from traveling. With the right help and learning some tricks to calm down, you can overcome this fear and there are different ways to get this help. You can chat with a therapist, use medication, or learn techniques to help yourself. We'll dive into these options shortly.

How will life be different if I can beat my fear of flying?

A parent and child packing a suitcase for a trip.

Getting over a fear of flying can really make a positive difference in many ways:

More chances to travel: If flying freaks you out, it can really hold you back from exploring the world. Beating this fear means you can go on so many trips and adventures.

Better life quality: Being scared of flying can make you feel really low. When you conquer this fear, you can feel more sure of yourself. You'll be up for doing things you used to avoid because of this fear.

Happier mind: Fear of flying can mess with your head, making you feel anxious and stressed. When you beat this fear, you might notice that your overall mental health and happiness improve.

Stronger relationships: This fear can put a strain on your relationships. You might not want to travel with loved ones or miss out on events that require taking a flight. When you beat this fear, you can build stronger connections and feel closer to others.

Job opportunities: This fear can mess with your work too, making you say no to opportunities that involve flying. But if you conquer it, you could step up in your career and take on new challenges.

So what can I do to overcome my fear of flying?

You can take an organized course. EasyJet run courses at several locations, however these can be rather expensive so other options may be considered.

Medication can also be used to manage the symptoms of a fear of flying, but it is often used in combination with therapy. Some common medications used to treat anxiety disorders, including a fear of flying, include selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and benzodiazepines. It is important to work with a healthcare professional to determine the most appropriate treatment plan.

Pre-recorded Self-Hypnosis session.

hypnotherapy session for the fear of flying

In our experience, using a pre-recorded self-hypnosis session made by a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist can really help. We've got one you can download from our website. Overcome Your Fear of Flying

No Hassle, All Convenience: If visiting a therapist is not possible you can use your pre-recorded session whenever and wherever suits you best. Saves You Cash: Opting for a pre-recorded session will save you a lot of money compared to face-to-face sessions. Listen at home: For some people, listening to a self-hypnosis session at home is a whole lot easier than going out to an appointment.

If you're thinking about trying self-hypnosis to tackle your fear of flying, make sure you look for a pre-recorded session made up by a certified and trusted clinical hypnotherapist. That way, you're approaching this technique the right way – safe and effective

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT.

Cognitive behavioral therapy diagram

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is talking therapy that's all about changing those negative thoughts and actions. The idea behind it is that our thoughts and beliefs can totally affect how we feel and what we do.

When you're working with a therapist using CBT, they help you spot those negative thoughts and behaviors and alter them. They use methods such as challenging those gloomy thoughts, setting goals, and learning new ways to handle things. CBT has actually been proven to work pretty well for different mental health issues – things like fears (even the fear of flying!), feeling depressed, getting anxious, dealing with eating troubles, and even handling chronic pain or health issues that can get triggered by negative thinking and actions.

Other self-help techniques.

A woman on a flight using a neck pillow

Self-help techniques, such as deep breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, and visualization, can also be useful in managing the symptoms of a fear of flying. Also, it can be helpful for you to be aware about the safety of air travel and to prepare for the flight by packing comfort items like head pillows and planning for in-flight entertainment such as downloading an upbeat movie to your device.

In flight entertainment.

A man on a flight watching a movie on a device

On some flights, especially the longer ones, in-flight entertainment will be provided on a screen in the back of the seat in front off you. There's usually a selection of movies you can pick from. Or, as previously mentioned, just download something onto your device, It can really take your mind off your fear.

You could also try listening to music and some people people like calming instrumentals or sounds from nature. Others like to watch comedies or light-hearted movies to take their mind off the jitters. In the end, the best kind of movie or music totally depends on what you like and what makes you feel better.

To sum up.

It's important to address your fear of flying so that you can enjoy the benefits and convenience of air travel like everyone else. Don't let your fear hold you back from experiencing all that flying has to offer.

Sharon Shinwell, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Sharon Shinwell Clinical Hypnotherapist

Sharon has written and recorded a self-hypnosis downloadable session to address The Fear of Flying so why not take a look HERE

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