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Use the power of your mind
to change your life

​Are you struggling to cope with an addiction or would you like to kick an unwanted habit?


Do you need help with low self-esteem, panic attacks or stress?


Are you haunted by memories of the past or want to resolve a phobia or fear?


Do you want to improve your health and reach your full potential, physically, mentally and emotionally?

How good would life feel if you could make all these changes and more, 

right now?

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Our Hypnosis Sessions

​We want you to get the most from our Hypnosis recordings, so we have made them user friendly. 
You will find all of our sessions easy to listen to,  no gimmicks, no subliminal messages - just the spoken word and the gentle sound of music in appropriate places, helping the listener to relax further and absorb the information, suggestions, positive language and guided imagery.
You will be in a very relaxed, trance-like state when using Hypnosis and you will be in control at all times, so that if you need to attend to anything you will be able to do so immediately.

Remember, Self-Hypnosis is a powerful self-help tool for making changes to your mental, emotional and physical well-being. It is simple, effective and non-invasive, produces long-term effects and can be used by nearly everyone 
For more information about how hypnotherapy works, check out our FAQ s

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