Want to change something in your life?

Want to change something in your life?

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  • Guided Imagery to Stop Panic Attacks

    • Do you experience uncomfortable feelings of anxiety and panic?

    • When a panic or anxiety attack takes hold of you do you feel a sense of terror, loss of control, a racing pounding heart or chest pains that convince you that you’re having a heart attack?
    • Do you fear these feelings?

    Anxiety or Panic attacks cannot kill you, but sometimes they feel as though they might, so take control, reduce their severity and start to live life to its fullest. READ MORE

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  • How To Stop Panic Attacks

    Do you experience uncomfortable feelings of anxiety and panic?
    Do you fear those feelings?
    When an attack takes hold of you are you convinced you’re having a heart attack?
    Do you get short of breath, sometimes with choking sensations?
    Feelings of unreality, or being detached from yourself
    Do you feel you’re going “crazy” or something embarrassing is about to happen?

    So, how to stop panic attacks?

    All of the panic symptoms described above are nothing more than an extreme form of fear. Fear is our body’s natural response to a situation perceived as threatening. Fear can range from mild anxiety (which can be helpful when there is a goal, like passing an exam) through to full blown panic.

    But why have…

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  • Hypnosis Can Change Your Life

    Your first experience of hypnosis may well have come about whilst watching a stage hypnotist show. It’s often intended to be bit of fun where viewers can watch participants respond to the hypnotist’s suggestions. However, hypnotherapy is in fact a serious business and it is used to treat many ailments, to cut out bad habits and it can also be used as a powerful relaxation tool. Hypnosis can change your life. For example, if you’re addicted to smoking, a course of hypnotherapy can help you to quit and as a result improve your health. Self- hypnosis can also help women get through the pain of childbirth. So, allow hypnosis to change your life

    Hypnosis can change your life

    Hypnosis uses auto…

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  • How long does hypnotherapy take to work?


    Everyone responds to Hypnotherapy and Self-Hypnosis differently, just as people do to any form of therapeutic intervention. How long does hypnotherapy take to work? is a question I am always being asked. Some will notice an instant change and for others it may take longer, but even when it feels that nothing at all has actually happened, you’ll be surprised at just how much has changed, but this is only noticed in retrospect, when you look back at how you were before you started using self-hypnosis.

    Just give it time and don’t try too hard to make it happen.

    You will find that the more often you use self-hypnosis, the easier it will be to achieve a very relaxed state of…

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Self-Hypnosis is the process of directing your own thoughts to successfully solve problems, change feelings and reach goals. This is achieved by entering a deep state of relaxation in body and mind. The voice of the hypnotherapist helps your subconscious mind to concentrate on overcoming the problem or reaching the goal. This is achieved by guided visualisation, suggestions and metaphors which create positive messages into the mind, these messages connect with the conscious mind and continue to work when in a fully wakeful state.

Does Self-Hypnosis work?

Self-hypnosis techniques can have a powerful, instant effect on some people, for others the benefits can be more subtle over a period of time and it’s only when the person looks back they can see the changes that have occurred. People who have an open mind, can relax deeply and follow the voice of the hypnotherapist will experience the most impressive results. Self-hypnosis can be used by almost everyone as a self-help tool for implementing long-term change and improvement of health and well-being.

Benefits of using Hypnosis mp3 Download or CD

You can listen anywhere. As long as you are in a relaxing environment you can sit back and enjoy the relaxing sounds; whether you are taking a break at work, travelling, or in any room of the house. Hypnotherapy downloads and CDs are affordable. For the price of a few cups of coffee, a hypnosis download can help you break out of unwanted habits, phobias and many more issues. Of course you can also listen to the audio session as many times as you need. Search from the menu on the left to discover the many uses of hypnosis.

“…You can listen anywhere. As long as you are in a relaxing environment you can sit back and enjoy the relaxing sounds; whether you are taking a break at work, travelling, or in any room of the house…”

With a Hypnotherapy CD or download, you choose when to have your self-hypnosis sessions. Being in the right frame of mind can be a major factor in the success rate of hypnotherapy, with your own hypnosis audio sessions it is up to you to decide when is the best to listen; rather than having to stick to an appointment with a hypnotherapist, you can choose to listen when you are feeling motivated to overcome your problem. It also helps to be in a relaxed state of mind and ready to concentrate. Whilst listening to our hypnosis CDs and MP3s, as well as hearing the spoken word, you will also hear soothing music at strategic points. This will help you to relax and absorb the information, whilst the hypnotherapist guides you with gentle suggestions, positive language and life-changing imagery. You will always be in control at all times, able to awaken immediately should the need arise and attend to anything that you need to. All our self-hypnosis audio sessions are available as MP3 downloads or CDs. For more information visit our FAQ page or begin browsing our titles through the menu. Sharon Shinwell Dip Couns Dip HP (NC)