Self Hypnosis & Guided Imagery Downloads for a Strong, Healthy Mind and Body

Bedtime Stories for Children. The Confident Rider Series, Sounds of Nature.

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Bedtime Stories for Children. Hypnotherapy & Guided Imagery. The Confident Rider Series and Sounds of Nature.

Hypnotherapy & Guided Imagery for a Strong, Healthy Mind. The Confident Rider Series helping nervous horse riders.

Bedtime Stories for Children helping them calm down and drift off to sleep.

Sounds of Nature to Lift the Spirits.

All Available as MP3 Downloads.

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musicWhat is Hypnotherapy?

The state of Hypnosis is achieved by completely relaxing the body then entering into an altered state of mind,  very similar to day-dreaming. Once this is achieved the mind is open to accept new ideas, concepts and behaviour patterns.  The suggestions, metaphors and guided imagery offered during Hypnosis sink deep into the subconscious part of the mind where all our memories and experiences are stored.  If we want to change how these past memories or experiences impact on our present day life, or we want to change a learnt pattern of behaviour or reaction,  this is where it can be done.

More information about Hypnotherapy can be found on our FAQs

Does Self-Hypnosis work?

Hypnotherapy and Self-hypnosis can have a powerful, instant effect on some people and for others the benefits can be more subtle over a period of time and it’s only when they look back they can see the changes that have occurred. If you have an open mind, can relax deeply and follow the voice of the Hypnotherapist you will experience the most impressive results. Self-hypnosis can be used by almost everyone as a self-help tool for implementing long-term change and improvement of health and well-being.

Why should you use our self-hypnosis mp3 Downloads or CDs?

Unlike many Hypnotherapists, Sharon qualified as a Counsellor before adding a Hypnotherapy qualification to her repertoire of skills. The reason for this is that in order to understand the complexity of the psychological issues experienced by many people, Sharon believes you have to have more than the ability to induce a hypnotic state of mind. It’s paramount that the Hypnotherapist understands the underling causes that can create feelings such as fear, panic, anxiety and depression or behaviours that seem irrational or self-destructive.

In Sharon’s opinion, this cannot be accomplished by studying Hypnotherapy as a stand-alone form of therapy.

With 4 years of training as a Counsellor, Group Therapist, Relationship Therapist and Hypnotherapist and 16 years working in the field,  you can be sure that you are getting the best.

Sharon’s caring, empathetic,  non-judgmental, congruent approach and her years of experience working as a Counsellor, means you are getting a product that is safe, effective and above all, professional.

What are the Benefits of Using Hypnosis Downloads and CDs?

The benefits of using our Hypnotherapy downloads and CDs are that as long as you are in a relaxed environment, where you can close your eyes and you won’t be disturbed you can use them anywhere.

For the price of a few cups of coffee, a hypnosis download can help you break an unwanted habit, stop a phobia, improve sleep, help with weight loss, depression, manage your stress and many more issues. Search from the product menu above to find the items you want. If you don’t now what category to look for, just select “see all products”

With a Hypnotherapy download or CD, you choose when to have your self-hypnosis session. Being in the right frame of mind can be a major factor in the success rate of hypnotherapy, with your own hypnosis audio session it is entirely up to you to decide when is the best time to listen; rather than having to stick to an appointment with a hypnotherapist, you can choose to listen when you are feeling motivated to overcome your problem.

Whilst listening to our self-hypnosis downloads and CDs you will not only hear Sharon’s voice,  you will also hear soothing music at strategic points to make the process more powerful and engaging. This will help you to relax and absorb the information, whilst Sharon guides you with gentle suggestions, positive language and life-changing imagery. You will always be in control at all times, able to awaken immediately should the need arise and attend to anything that you need to.

All our self-hypnosis audio sessions are available as MP3 downloads or CDs. For more information about Hypnotherapy and using mp3 files visit our FAQ page or begin browsing our titles through the menu above.

Sharon Shinwell.  Dip Couns., Dip HP (NC) Dip Sup.