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Prepare for a transformation on the slopes like no other! Our bespoke hypnosis session is your golden ticket to reignite the blazing fire of confidence in every skier, no matter where you stand on the spectrum. Whether you're a first-timer, a novice who's lost their nerve, a skier returning to the snow after a break, an intermediate daredevil battling run after run, or a seasoned pro on the path to recovery following an accident, this session to overcome your fear of skiing is your personal ski guardian angel to help you gain Sliing Confidence.


Picture this: Your skiing journey reborn. With our expert guidance, you'll conquer obstacles that stand in your way, and you'll rediscover the pure, unadulterated joy of skiing. This session isn't just a promise; it's your roadmap to rebuilding your confidence and planting your flag firmly back on the slopes, where you belong.


What you get in this Self-Hypnosis session:

  • An introduction to Hypnotherapy. Deep, progressive relaxation induction to prepare body and mind for Hypnosis.
  • Drifting - "special place" for disassociation of the conscious mind. Confidence-boosting and positive affirmations.
  • Visualisation and imagery of the perfect skiing decent- Restructuring of the conscious mind.
  • Post-Hypnotic techniques for future skiing without tension, anxiety or fear. Relaxing re-entry in to the conscious world feeling confident and positive about skiing.


One of our many testimonials:


I don’t usually write about products that I purchase but I wanted to share my experience with others.

I started skiing about a month ago and took about 4 private lessons (4 days in a row) - I was your average learner (snow plough, some parallel on greens) BUT I was always afraid. On my second lesson I had a complete meltdown and had to walk down the hill. My husband managed to get be back on the hill later in the day but the fear of going downhill and accelerating plus the feeling of not having control never really went away.

Last week we went to a new hill close to home, I did one run, found some icy patches, went through that horrible feeling again and decided to pack up my skis for good. That evening, as a last resort I purchased this cd. I listened to it for 3 times over a couple of days not quite sure if it ‘worked’ or not as I have never tried hypnosis before.

Anyway, last Sunday my husband pushed me to join him for a last ski of the season at a location where i have skied a couple of times before. i joined him and as i was going uphill on the chairlift I wondered if I would feel any different this time. So, on the first run I felt a lot less fearful but I did stop halfway on the route, took some deep breaths and told myself STOP any negative thoughts. The next run was much better and by run number 3 I was feeling very confident without any fear at all.

I skied all day from 9am to 4pm with just a 20 minute break for lunch!

This cd really changed skiing for me. i still need to improve my technique but now I can do so while enjoying myself and not having to deal with the fear that used to come with it.

Ski Confidence: Lose Skiing Fear with Hypnosis. Download Today!

  • Zipped folder containing mp3 files

  • Listen to your session a minimum once a day, for 5 consecutive days. Chose a time when you will not be disturbed and you can relax comfortably with your eyes closed. This helps establish the trance-like relaxed state your mind will enter. Thereafter you can listen to it whenever you feel you need to boost the benefits. If possible, try to listen to this session the evening before you ski or the morning before you leave your accommodation but never when skiing, driving or doing anything that demands you concentration.

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