Overcome Skiing Fears with Hypnosis

This hypnosis session is ideal for people returning to skiing after a break and have lost their nerve, the anxious beginner, the second or third weeker that’s thinking of throwing the towel in because it just hasn't ‘clicked’ or the experienced skier that may have had a nasty accident, lost their confidence and needs to go back to basics.


What you get in this Self-Hypnosis session:

  • An introduction to Hypnotherapy.Deep, progressive relaxation induction to prepare body and mind for Hypnosis.
  • Drifting - "special place" for disassociation of the conscious mind.Confidence-boosting and positive affirmations.
  • Visualisation and imagery of the perfect skiing decent- Restructuring of the conscious mind.
  • Post-Hypnotic techniques for future skiing without tension, anxiety or fear.Relaxing re-entry in to the conscious world feeling confident and positive about skiing.


Format: Zipped folder containing mp3 files

Overcome Skiing Fears with Hypnosis

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