Control Your Weight Self-Hypnosis

This session is about changing your eating and drinking habits so that you can begin and maintain your weight loss for as long as you want to.

As well as being motivational and inspirational it will connect with your subconscious mind and take control of your eating habits.


  • Do you eat even when you are not really hungry?
  • Do you crave all the things you know make you put on weight?
  • Do you eat to make up for other things in your life that trouble or worry you?
  • Have you tried every diet under the sun to lose weight but just can’t stick to them?

​This Self-Hypnosis for Weight Loss session aims to alter your eating and drinking habits, then sustaining that change for as long as you wish to. This session will also inspire and encourage you to control your weight.


Format: zipped folder - mp3 files


Control Your Weight Self-Hypnosis

  • An introduction to Hypnotherapy.

    • Deep Relaxation of body and mind – preparing for Hypnosis.
    • ‘Wishing on a star’ and ‘special place’ guided imagery opening up the sub-conscious mind ready for acceptance of new ideas and propositions.
    • Visualisation/Guided Imagery – changing eating and drinking habits, buying of non-fattening healthy produce
    • Post-Hypnotic tools for the future – self-control and success.
    • Confidence-building and positive body image – better health, more vitality.
    • Relaxing, gentle re-entry to the conscious world.

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    The visualisation section will help you concentrate on what life could be like when your new body image starts to take shape and Post-Hypnotic suggestions and ‘Anchor’ words will help you to resist the consumption or in fact the purchasing of  food or drink that you know are not good for you.

    Before using your self-hypnosis session remove all the food stuff and drinks you want to avoid eating, from your home and workplace.
    Ask your friends and family not to try to entice you to eat things you want to avoid – they are not helping!

    Be aware that people that want to lose weight but cannot manage it themselves may often try to sabotage your best efforts, it makes them feel better about themselves if they know you might fail!

  • I have now lost a stone in weight
    “Having tried every diet imaginable and feeling guilty every time I ate, I have now lost a stone in weight,  and changed my eating habits without even being conscious that I am doing so, I just don’t seem to crave the food that’s bad for me anymore, and I don’t eat to excess – thank you so much for your help”

    I have used several of Sharons’ recordings and found them excellent and this one is no exception. I find that the messages stay with me for weeks after listening. I can reach for the cookie jar (my major weakness) and it’s as if something is nudging me reminding that this is just habit and I don’t really want one. I am from South Carolina in the US so I really love the English accent, I could listen to this CD every day but fortunately there is no need for me to do so.
    I can now report that after 10 weeks I have lost 17 pounds in weight. This is what I really wanted, just a gradual weight loss rather than starving myself and feeling bad and then not sticking to it.
    Thank you so much Sharon, I recommend your CDs to all of my friends.
    Lucy South Carolina

    This seems to be making me more conscious when eating/drinking! Wow I also seem much more relaxed with food! Conscious thinking is very immediate.! I just need to keep applying the programme. Finally.. xReds

    Fabulous. Sharon has a beautiful and soothing speaking voice that I connected with immediately. Have listened to the disc 3 times now so it's early days, but I'm optimistic that my old and entrenched negative thoughts around myself and food, will soon be cast out and replaced with far healthier and happier ones. Recommend this cd.Ms L Tebbutt



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