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Are you tired of constantly struggling with your weight? Are you ready to make lasting changes to your eating and drinking habits? Our Self-Hypnosis for Weight Loss session is designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals by connecting with your subconscious mind and taking control of your eating habits.


This session is designed to address common struggles such as eating even when not hungry, craving unhealthy foods, and using food to cope with emotions. It aims to help you break the cycle of yo-yo dieting by making changes that you can sustain for as long as you wish.


With the help of this session, you will be motivated, inspired, and equipped with the tools to control your weight. The session is available in a zipped folder containing mp3 files, and it ccould be used as a support to other weight loss solutions.


Start your journey to a healthier weight today with this self-hypnosis session.


Boost Weight Loss & Confidence: Download Hypnosis Now!

  • An introduction to Hypnotherapy.

    • Deep Relaxation of body and mind – preparing for Hypnosis.
    • ‘Wishing on a star’ and ‘special place’ guided imagery opening up the sub-conscious mind ready for acceptance of new ideas and propositions.
    • Visualisation/Guided Imagery – changing eating and drinking habits, buying of non-fattening healthy produce
    • Post-Hypnotic tools for the future – self-control and success.
    • Confidence-building and positive body image – better health, more vitality.
    • Relaxing, gentle re-entry to the conscious world.

    The visualisation section will help you concentrate on what life could be like when your new body image starts to take shape and Post-Hypnotic suggestions and ‘Anchor’ words will help you to resist the consumption or in fact the purchasing of  food or drink that you know are not good for you.

    Before using your self-hypnosis session remove all the food stuff and drinks you want to avoid eating, from your home and workplace.
    Ask your friends and family not to try to entice you to eat things you want to avoid – they are not helping!

    Be aware that people that want to lose weight but cannot manage it themselves may often try to sabotage your best efforts, it makes them feel better about themselves if they know you might fail!

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