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Overcome Insomnia and sleep problems with self-hypnosis

​Overcome Insomnia Self-Hypnosis Digital Download. Sleep is a time when your body renews itself and your mind takes a break that we can’t live without! If you don’t sleep as much as you need to, then your health is at risk. Two full Hypnotherapy sessions, one to overcome insomnia to be used when you are ready to go to sleep and another one for everyday use for deep relaxation.


How many times have you gone to bed exhausted, desperate for a good night’s sleep, then struggled to drop off to sleep, or after only a few hours , you awaken, thinking it’s morning only to realise to your horror that you have only been asleep for a short while?

You toss and turn, watching the clock, getting more and more anxious and fed up about your lack of sleep, aware that those valuable hours available for sleep are diminishing as the time to get up approaches.  

The more you try to sleep or get back to sleep after waking up, the more impossible it seems that you will succeed; the more anxious you become, the more awake you are, and therefore the sequence of frustration, anxiety and tiredness continues. If you do manage to get to sleep you probably feel exhausted when you wake up and it feels as though you have only just nodded off, minutes before you needed to get up! This scenario can make you feel tired and irritable the next day, often during the middle of the afternoon.


Format: mp3.

Track 1: Information

Track 2: Hypnotherapy for Insomnia


This session will encourage your mind to turn off enough to go into a deep sleep to start with and to remain asleep for as long as you need to.

Only waking up at the time you have decided it is appropriate to end that sleep. Using Self-Hypnosis for insomnia is a recognised by the NHS and it can break this cycle, allowing your mind and body to enjoy a truly restful, peaceful, re-energising night’s sleep.


Track 3: Deep Relaxation for Everyday use.


Format: zipped folder - mp3 files

Overcome Insomnia HypnosisDownload + extra session for daytime

    • Introduction and Information
    • Progressive Deep Relaxation – Preparation for Hypnosis.
    • Disassociation of the conscious mind, suggestions and imagery for improved sleep patterns.
    • Drifting sequence to promote a deep, relaxing sleep with music.
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