Wind, Thunderstorm and Torrential Rain

Bring the outside inside: This unique collection of nature’s sound effects has been specially selected by Self Hypnosis UK to be used for Deep Relaxation, Therapy, Background White-Noise or just for a good night’s sleep. This collection is ideal for Tinnitus sufferers.

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Wind, Thunderstorm and Torrential Rain

  • Track 1: 23 Minutes – Strong Wind. This is a dynamic recording of strong wind, which varies throughout and with strong gusts and sometimes whistling wind.

    Track 2: 23 Minutes – Thunderstorm and Rain.This recording of a magnificent thunderstorm includes loud claps of thunder and low rumblings, combined with heavy rain throughout.

    Track 3: 22 minutes – Torrential, Heavy Rain.This recording leaves you feeling drenched!  The rain is heavy and persistent with no other sound effects. Ideal for white-noise background..

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