Hypnotherapy and Children

Is hypnotherapy safe and helpful for children?

Therapists of all types,  in the UK,  are not allowed to treat or work with children under the age of 16 unless they have undergone specific training to do so.  They would also need to have gone through the Government's Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) in the UK, who are able to provide information about an individual as to whether or not he or she has a criminal conviction or has been charged with a criminal conviction which has expired. There are special regulations with regards to working with children and unless these are complied with, their Public liability insurance (that all therapists need to have) may not cover them for seeing children.  ​I would not advise Hypnotherapy for anyone under 16 because Children's brains are not fully developed, they do not think and feel the same as adults, their cognition and awareness of their own emotions are not fully developed.  Face-to-Face Hypnotherapy or Self-Hypnosis could therefore, be very upsetting and unsettling for a child as they do not have the same understanding of complex, abstract concepts, ideas, emotions or even a full command of the English language as adults do. ​ If your child is suffering with emotional issues, seek the advice of your GP. If you are really worried, suggest that your child sees a Child Psychologist; before you embark on any-self help remedies that may make the situation worse.

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