Sugar Addiction

How Julie ended her Sugar and Chocolate addiction.

Julie says“ …I’ve always had a sweet tooth but in the last 2 to 3 years I have found it near impossible to control my cravings for chocolate”.

When I asked Julie what this craving felt like she said...

“Like I had no control at all,  I felt pathetic that I was unable to resist and felt let down at my own lack of willpower”

Julie had gained weight as result of her chocolate cravings and her confidence had taken a nose dive as a result. She became a “sneaky” chocolate eater, not wanting to admit to herself just how out of control she was, pretending that she was buying chocolates a treat for her children but knowing full well that she would eat it all herself when they weren’t around.

Julie admits that her love-affair with Chocolate may have impacted on her children because her social life suffered when her confidence hit rock bottom.

So how does Julie feel now that she used Self-Hypnosis to conquer her addictive habit?   Julie is delighted now but she says at first  “… I didn't hold out too much hope of a 'cure' as I  considered my addiction too strong to be sorted out by listening to a recording but now I  feel I have succeeded in breaking a bad habit/addiction and am pleased with myself for being able to do something that I thought was impossible! “   

I asked Julie what inspired her to choose our Hypnotherapy  session to help with her problem and she told me... 

“…this  this session was for people with a "specific" eating problem. I had previously been to Slimming World to lose some weight but realised that I couldn't stick to a healthy diet because I couldn't stop eating chocolate”.

And how do you feel now about chocolate?“ …I don’t feel  the need to constantly gorge myself on chocolate and I know I will  lose some weight and improve my fitness levels and feel better about myself”

What would you say to others about using Self-Hypnosis...? 

“I would say to anyone that has, for lots of different reasons, got an addiction to something they are having trouble getting rid of,  to give these CD's a go.  I am so pleased that finally I don't feel controlled by my cravings for chocolate anymore.  It seems to be very little pain for very big gain!   I no longer eat chocolate bars, gorging myself every evening until bedtime and then feeling so uncomfortably full that I need to vomit.  I still enjoy some sweet foods (ie, the occasional cake or biscuit) as I know that I’m not "needing" to eat these every single day.  

This Self-Hypnosis session has rid me of health worries through growing weight gain and I would like to say thank you for giving me the chance to break a deeply ingrained habit I knew I could not cure on my own.” Our Self-Hypnosis session for Chocolate and Sugar Addiction

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