Hypnotherapy for IBS

Gut-directed hypnotherapy is a special form of hypnotherapy developed for IBS and digestive disorder sufferers. It uses the therapeutic qualities of hypnotherapy, such as deep relaxation, and adds gut-specific treatments and suggestions. This form of hypnotherapy is designed to treat all symptoms of IBS. help for ibs

Sharon Shinwell who is a UK qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist has been helping people cope with IBS for over 20 years.

Last night I tried the Here to Listen IBS Hypnotherapy CD, and wow! Don’t know what was on it but this morning I feel calmer and my tummy feels more settled! I am going to listen to it every day and hopefully it will work, as like most of you I am at the end of my tether with my irritated bowel! Hope it helps somebody else too. Much love and peace to you all Jo. This testimonial was taken from IBS Tales.

Our Hypnosis session for IBS will give you all the tools you need to stop the symptoms of IBS by teaching your mind how to create a fully-working digestive system that allows the free flow of food and liquid without any blockages, tension or feelings of discomfort. You will actually be able to relax your digestive system and calm down the spasms thereby reducing the bloated feeling and assisting the natural flow pf waste from the body when you are ready and not before.

The imagery used will help you to take back the control you may have lost so that you can control your IBS rather than it controlling you!

Listening to this session regularly will deepen the process of control and improve your feelings of well-being and you will begin to feel more and more confident about doing things and going places you may have avoided in the past.