Hypnosis for Confidence and Self-Esteem

Increase Self Confidence and Self-Esteem


If a lack of confidence is holding you back, making life tougher than it needs to be, then this session for building self-confidence is for you. It will help boost your self-esteem, decrease shyness and help you to be more assertive.




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Hypnotherapy to lift low self-esteem and lack of confidence

Do you worry about the opinions of others?
Do you become shy when you need to be assertive?
Do you feel that you could achieve more in life?
Do you feel uncomfortable and awkward when meeting someone of the opposite sex?
Are your work, social life or sports activities affected by your lack of confidence?
Do you become embarrassed when you’re with others or have to talk to someone on the telephone?
Is there a niggling voice in your head telling you that you could ‘do better’ if you just had more confidence and self-esteem?

How this Hypnotherapy session can help you?

This session is designed to Improve your Confidence and Self-Esteem by altering the way your mind perceives and processes information, enabling you to change your perceptions of the world around you. When this change happens you can dispel all those doubts, worries and apprehensions that you may have had about who you are, how you are seen by others, and what you are capable of saying or doing.

Once you feel more empowered you can begin to attempt things that you never thought possible,  such as speaking in public, talking to  people of the opposite sex, meeting people you don’t know or even a career change and you will feel at ease and relaxed whilst doing these things.

Included in this session are powerful Post-Hypnotic reminders you can access whenever you need them, freeing you emotionally, psychologically and physically, so that you can reach your full potential as the unique individual you are with skills and flairs you never realised you had.

The main features of this Hypnosis session:

  • An introduction to Hypnotherapy.
  • What does the inner voice say?
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – where does confidence come from?
  • Progressive relaxation of the body and mind.
  • Therapy – disassociation of the conscious and subconscious mind.
  • Guided imagery and visualisation – A confidence and self-esteem boost.
  • Post-Hypnotic tools – A confident future.
  • Relaxing re-entry to the conscious world feeling confident and positive.

More Information about Confidence…

Our confidence and self-esteem develops and evolves throughout our lives as we build an image of ourselves through our experiences with different people and activities. Experiences during our childhood play a large role in the shaping of our basic confidence and self-esteem.

Whilst we were growing up, our achievements and successes (and failures) and how we were treated by members of our immediate family, our teachers, religious authorities, and by our peers, all contributed to the creation of our basic self-esteem. Our past experiences, even the things we don’t usually think about, are all alive and active in our daily life, in the form of an Inner Voice (in our subconscious mind) . Although most people do not “hear” this voice in the same way they would a spoken one, in many ways it acts in a similar way, constantly repeating those original messages to us.

For people with healthy self-esteem the messages of the inner voice are positive and reassuring.

For people with low self-esteem, the inner voice becomes a harsh inner critic, constantly criticizing, punishing, and belittling their accomplishments.

Making changes to boost your confidence and self esteem:

The first important step in improving self-esteem is to begin to challenge the negative messages of the critical inner voice. Rebutting your critical inner voice is an important first step and this is where Hypnotherapy becomes a powerful self-help tool.

You can use this session as often as you want to and need to. We suggest that initially you listen to it once a day for 5 consecutive days. This will give your mind the best chance possible to become accustomed to ‘letting go’, and your body the opportunity to truly relax.


Sharon Shinwell. Dip Couns. Dip HP(NC) Dip. Sup. Dip CBT., is a qualif

Read what our satisfied customers have said...

  • Does what it says on the tin

    I have had the Cd now for several weeks and I am aware that my behaviour has changed gradually during that time, all for the better – I have become more confident as my fears have lessened. Sharon talks the listener through relaxing the whole body and it is in that state that the mind associated with low self esteem is turned off, enabling the real person to emerge. Indeed, it is like breaking out of the prison of my old self. Many thanks for a great Cd.

    Phil H

  • This CD has changed everything for me.

    I’ve always thought of myself as a pretty confident person until one or two instances recently knocked me off balance. I read some self-help books that helped a little but what I couldn’t do was shut out of my mind those nagging doubts! So on the recommendation of a friend I thought I’d try Hypnotherapy. So glad I did. This CD has changed everything for me – I can’t put my finger on it, just that things that used to upset or bother me just don’t anymore and I feel my old self again. In fact I would go as far to say that my self-esteem has had a real boost! I’m so impressed I’ve bought another by Sharon Shinwell. Her voice is so soothing and no American accent – Hypnotherapy seems to really work for me!

    Alison E Kay

  • 5 stars

    Great cd, really helpful, does work if you are willing to put the time aside.

    Jennifer R

  • Very pleased with this CD

    I never write reviews but felt I should on this occasion. This cd has had a very positive effect on my overall outlook on myself. My confidence has been at an all time low following serious illness, bereavement, loss of my job and my home all within a very short space of time. It resulted in me questioning everything about myself.

    The effect of this cd didn’t happen like a thunder bolt – I have listened to it 5 times so far but I have to say that I have found it extremely beneficial. I do believe that hypnotherapy works in a subtle but effective way and would definitely recommend this cd. I also purchased the Positive Thinking with CBT and Self-Hypnosis CD by Sharon Shinwell and look forward to building on what has been achieved so far.

    Collette D (UK)

  • I highly recommend this product

    I highly recommend this product. Sharon’s voice is very relaxing and her words soothing! I feel it’s the first time I’ve gone into a level or deep relaxation (trance) after trying similar products before. I feel less overwhelmed by the things that bother me in life and I truly believe this cd has helped me! Thank you!

    J Foster

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