Manage Your Stress Levels with Hypnosis

Stress Management Hypnotherapy and CBT


Does the stress in your life make you feel angry, tired, irritable or unwell?  Then now is the time to make changes so that you feel more relaxed, healthier, stronger and full of energy and vitality.

This Hypnosis session combined with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can help Manage Your Stress Levels and reduce them significantly.




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How this session can help you manage your stress?

When you are in a state of hypnosis certain physiological changes can take place; decreased heart rate, decreased  blood pressure, a decrease in metabolic rate and oxygen consumption, decrease in skeletal muscle tension and a decrease in alpha activity to mention just a few. With these changes the body starts to return to a condition of chemical and hormonal balance, so that the body is then operating at a far healthier level.

During Hypnosis the subconscious mind will accept new ideas and suggestions that will help you to control and alter the way you think, so that an ‘activating’ event (also known as the ‘Stressor‘) that may have caused an emotional, psychological and biologically stressed state in the past, no longer does so. This will help you to Manage Your Stress Levels no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Main features of this Hypnotherapy session:

  • An introduction to Hypnotherapy.
  • Information relating to stress and how it affects the body – where it comes from.
  • Deep, progressive tense and relaxation exercise to relax mind and body.
  • The “Drift” sequence, creating a detachment of the conscious mind from the unconscious mind.
  • Communication with the unconscious mind – The ABC technique and CBT, altering the unconscious mind.
  • Confidence-boosting.
  • Post-Hypnotic tools – a stress-free future.
  • Relaxing re-entry in to the conscious world

Hypnotherapy is recognised and promoted by National Health Service in the

UK as a valid Complementary Therapy for Stress.


Re-fuelling tips:

Vitamin B is good for the nerves; this is found in vegetables, wholemeal bread, beans, dairy produce, and eggs.

Natural foods help the immune system: fresh vegetables and fruit, whole grains some protein and olive oil or vegetable oil.

Some foods are particularly good for stress relief:

Bananas, Mackerel, Marmite, Chillies, Citrus fruits, Wholemeal bread, Oats, Brazil nuts, Lettuce, and Leafy green vegetables.

Processed foods are NOT good for you; they tend to be high in sugar, white flour, saturated fats, and artificial additives (E numbers).  Too much sugar and salt can cause ill health and mood swings

When you eat is also important:

If you miss a meal, especially breakfast, blood sugar levels fall so low that the brain can’t function properly; you may feel irritable and have more accidents or even faint. 

Always stop to eat, even it it’s only for ten minutes.  Make sure you chew your food properly and enjoy it.  Eating in a rush can trigger the release of stress hormones as well as causing indigestion.

Avoid excessive over eating, seesaw dieting and constant comfort eating.

Fluids: You must drink 4 pints of water a day.  Water allows the kidneys to flush out excess hormones and toxins. It helps prevent serious illnesses and slows down the ageing process.  It has even been seen to help remove wrinkles!!!

Caffeine: is a stimulant and triggers a stress response in the body, Tea contains caffeine as well as coffee, but it has some positive benefits, so can be drunk in moderation.

Alcohol: in small amounts can be relaxing, if however, you drink more than the recommended limits (3-4 units per day for a man and 2-3 for a woman) your health is at serious risk and the “down” that follows the “high” is an accelerator for stress and can cause depression.

Smoking:  Toxins in smoke, not to mention the additives to the tobacco, raise the heart rate and cause stress to the entire body.  Like caffeine, there is a short-term lift, but a long term low, the low then makes you need another cigarette, and the cycle goes on.

You may also find it helps if you can manage your time more effectively. Here are some useful time-management ideas:

Top 10 Time Management Tips

  • say no to extra tasks
  • allow 10% of your time for unforeseen tasks
  • don’t take responsibility for other people’s workload
  • start a job only when you have time to finish it
  • delegate, delegate, delegate
  • be brief on the phone
  • don’t waste time chatting in the corridor
  • start meetings on time
  • avoid time wasters
  • Prioritise, prioritise, prioritise.

Remember also to ask for support when you need it and aim to keep work in perspective. Nobody ever looks back on life and wishes they had spent more time in the office.

Finally, if none of this works, you may need to think about looking for a better employer.

Interesting Facts and figures

  • The average employee works seven hours a week for nothing.1
  • Britons work the longest hours in Europe.1
  • Only one in eight people who works long hours say they do so because they genuinely enjoy their jobs.2
  • One-third of employees suffer sleepless nights due to stress.1
  • 55% of full-time employees say that work-related stress makes them bad-tempered at home.1
  • More than two million workers say their bosses are so overworked they don’t really have time to manage their staff properly.1
  • More than 50% of people say they find it hard to cope with the pressure of work.1
  • Most managers think that working long hours is unacceptable but necessary for their career.3

Figures from

  1. TUC
  2. Chartered Institute of Personnel Development
  3. The Quality of Working Life 1999 survey, the Institute of Management.

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  • A Godsend

    This CD  is a god send, having being a sufferer of stress for many years and tried everything to no effect, ultimately tried Sharon Shinwell’s tape. The results are amazing, felt the effects immediately, an immediate decrease of stress within the first 2 days. Only wish I knew about this tape 17yrs ago, incredible CD and Sharon is an absolute magician, the effects are magical, feel like a different person. I highly recommend this CD to any one who has suffered or continues to suffer from long term stress. I now can lead a more happier and productive life thanks to this CD.


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