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virtual gastric band safe easy weight loss

Virtual Gastric Band for Safe Weight Loss

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Easy to use, non-invasive and cost effective weight loss solution

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Gastric Band Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

  • Have you tried every diet under the sun but nothing seems to work?
  • Do you start new diets and then give up because you don’t see any significant changes?
  • Do you find that cutting down an the amount you eat is just too hard?
  • Do you feel hungry even though you’ve eaten only a short time ago?
  • Do you use food to comfort you when you’re stressed, unhappy or lonely?
  • Do you find you think about food from the moment you wake until the moment you go to sleep?

If this sounds like you, it’s time to try something different and change your eating habits by using the power of your mind rather than dieting, which we all know only works as long as you remain on the diet!   Your unconscious mind is capable of producing powerful physical and biological changes and our Virtual Gastric Band uses this amazing phenomenon.

The Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behaviour techniques in this session will also help you to break the “comfort-eating” cycle. You will even find that your food-purchasing habits change when you go shopping as if by magic, you will choose to buy only health food, walking past the unhealthy food without batting an eyelid.

How will your Virtual Gastric Band work for you?

Suggestions, guided imagery and Cognitive Behaviour Techniques are all combined into an enjoyable, relaxing, calming experience. These techniques convince the brain into thinking the stomach is smaller than it actually is, so you feel fuller with a reduced intake of food.

You will be able to eat smaller portions of food and lots of fruit and vegetables in complete comfort. There is no need to eat a special liquid diet, but if you try to eat portions that are too large for your new stomach size,  you will start to feel uncomfortable.  If you then choose to continue eating and ignore those messages the brain sends out that tell you that you are “full up”, you may feel quite nauseous. This is how powerful the mind can be!

Your mind will remember the Virtual Gastric Band procedure and how uncomfortable overeating can make you feel. This reminder will encourage you to achieve your goals no matter where you are or what you are doing.

There is a strong connection between low-confidence and overeating so the the confidence-boosting elements that are also included in this session will make feel more confident about yourself and more optimistic about the future.

You will also receive a 2nd Hypnotherapy session free of charge,  this is so that you can remove the Virtual Gastric Band if you want to.

The features of the Gastric Band Hypnosis session:

  • An introduction to Hypnosis.
  • Information about confidence and the connection to food.
  • Cognitive behaviour techniques and their benefits.
  • Deep relaxation of the body and mind.
  • Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Surgery.
  • Testing your new eating plan – smaller meals, feeling fuller.
  • Positive body image, seeing the future.
  • Self-Esteem and confidence boosting.
  • Post-hypnotic tools for future success.
  • Re-entry to conscious world.

Virtual Gastric Band Removal:

What you get in this session:

  • An introduction to Hypnosis.
  • Deep relaxation for body and mind preparing for Hypnosis.
  • Communication with the conscious and sub-conscious minds.
  • Virtual surgery to remove the Gastric Band.
  • Post-hypnotic tools for continued well-being and sensible eating habits.
  • Re-entry to conscious world.

What if I want to remove the Gastric Band?

Unlike most other self-hypnosis or even face-to-face Gastric Band Hypnotherapy sessions, you will not have to spend more money if you decide to remove the Gastric Band. As part of this offer you will receive another self-hypnosis session designed specifically for this reason. You can listen to this session at any time you wish to and all traces of the  Virtual Gastric Band will be removed. At the same time you will be offered encouragement to eat a healthy diet and take regular exercise.

The Virtual Gastric Band Removal session only needs to be listened to once.

Track Listings:

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy.

Track 1. Introduction

Track 2. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Self-Esteem

Track 3. Virtual Gastric Band Operation

This session can be used more than once – just bear in mind that you will be taken through the full experience of  virtual surgery each time. Listening to it once is usually sufficient for most people to start to see changes in their eating habits.

Virtual Gastric Band Removal Hypnotherapy.

Track 1. Virtual Gastric Band Removal – Hypnosis

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