Overcome your skiing nerves

Hypnosis for Fear of Skiing


If this is the first time or more than likely the umpteenth time you will be nervously donning your ski jacket and pants, saying to yourself  “this year it really will be different” but knowing it might not be, this recording is for you.



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Product Description

Hypnosis for fear of Skiing – Take control now!

You’ve seen the professionals visualising what they are about to do, this the same technique but on a deeper level.

This Self-Hypnosis session will help you to overcome your fear of skiing by changing how your sub-conscious mind thinks about it.  This will then change how you feel and alter how you behave and react, so that for the first time you can relax, stay calm and enjoy the thrill of skiing without all that tension and those fears, anxieties and nerves. (This session is for skiers only, not snowboarders)

What you get in this Hypnotherapy session:

  • An introduction to Hypnosis.
  • Deep, progressive relaxation induction to prepare your body and mind for the process
  • Drifting – “special place” for disassociation of the conscious mind.
  • Confidence-boosting and positive affirmations.
  • Imagery and visualisation of the perfect skiing descent – Restructuring of the conscious mind, seeing it, doing it.
  • Post-Hypnotic techniques for skiing in the future without tension, fear or anxiety.
  • Relaxing re-entry into the conscious world with a feeling of confidence and positivism about skiing.
The lure of the mountains, the fresh air and scenery and the camaraderie of like minded people around you is a magical potion, and for those bitten by the skiing bug – far too good to miss.

But for some of us, how ever much we love this sport, the fear always kicks in. That gut-wrenching feeling of dread just won’t go away when we are actually faced with the daunting prospect of setting off down the slope. It even begins before we get to the slopes, even before we arrive at the lifts, it usually starts when we are getting dressed in morning; does this sound familiar…? The day has arrived – you’ve had some ski tuition, you’ve managed the chair lift, button lift or drag lift and now you are facing down the slope on your skis with a pole in each hand… knowing that to get to the bottom, you have to trust in your own ability to control your skis…but just thinking of this can stop you in your tracks!

The longer you stand facing down the hill trying to psyche yourself up to “go with the flow” the steeper the hillside appears to you!

Your begin to become preoccupied with all the negatives such as ice, uneven snow, being hit by another skier or boarder etc and so, before you know it all you want to do is remove your skis and walk down.

Now think about being on the same piste…feeling really calm…relaxed and confident…knowing you really are in control your skis. Remembering all your tuition without even thinking about, as if on automatic pilot. Skiing along…approaching whatever you are confronted with feeling self-assured, positive and in a confident frame of mind; breathing gently and rhythmically without tension in your body and without fear. When the core thoughts in your mind work like this,  it can be the same in reality – because you have already experienced it in your subconscious mind; it’s just that simple.

Apple users please note:

The Download version of this product will include 2 Tracks in MP3 format, and a ‘Zipped’ folder that also contains the same MP3 files.  The reason for this is that we have found many skiers need to use this Hypnosis session in the ski resort (when the fear hits them) when they don’t have a PC or Laptop with them. We know from experience that Apple makes its difficult for people to transfer files that have been purchased outside of iTunes, we have therefore  included a ‘zipped’ folder for this product only,  in the hope that if you are struggling to transfer the individual files into your iTunes library,  you have the option to unzip the folder and try to do it that way. We cannot offer technical support for Apple products but we do know that thousands of Apple users have downloaded our products successfully. It may involve using a 3rd party application for direct download – iPhone/iPad.

Hope you have a great season and the snow is plentiful!


Sports Psychology:

It’s well documented and accepted that Sports Psychology plays a major part in the mental preparation of many athletes and skiers.  We’ve all seen downhill skiers preparing for their run, deeply engrossed and focused on their course in their mind’s eye, visualising it, going through the actual twists and turns, undulating surfaces, visualising and experiencing it happening physically and mentally, and seeing the winning line…this is what my Hypnotherapy session on CD or download does for nervous skiers. This hypnosis session is ideal for mothers returning to skiing after a break and have lost their nerve, the anxious beginner, the second or third weeker  that’s  thinking of throwing the towel in because it just hasn’t ‘clicked’ or the experienced skier that may have had a nasty accident, lost their confidence and wants to go back to basics.

What we offer the nervous skier is different…

The biggest barrier we experience today as therapists is that many experienced, fearless skiers still hold the view that tuition and coaching is THE only answer, but I and many others know it’s more than that, it goes a lot deeper than having the skills and techniques to ski, you have to have the right mental attitude.  If you are fearful, you tense up, if you tense up carrying out the necessary manoeuvres to create smooth, balanced transitions is difficult, fatigue sets in, the skier becomes more unbalanced, the fear increases and the cycle continues – Hypnosis can break this cycle.

We see this hypnosis session as another tool in the skier’s kit bag to encourage and support nervous skiers, to help them enjoy the wonderful experience of skiing down snow-covered mountains without being gripped by fear.

Please note that this session is for skiers only.

Please make sure before purchasing a download that you are fully conversant with how your device transfers files that arrive by email. We are unable to offer technical support for Apple products that require some degree of technical knowhow about downloading mp3 files that are not purchased through their iTunes store.

Sharon Shinwell. Dip Couns. Dip HP(NC) Dip. Sup. Dip CBT., is a qualified Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Clinical Counselling Supervisor.

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Read what our satisfied customers have said...

  • It worked for me.

    March 2010

    The CD is very relaxing. As Sharon herself warns, I fell asleep twice the first 2 attempts. After that I tried again and was successful! I don’t know how this works but all I can say is that after 3 seasons of learning to ski and being paralyzed with fear much of the time, I skied after listening to this CD and I was transformed. I had about 90% less fear and (along with yet another private lesson)I finally was able to master the technique and was able to ski (with parallel turns) down a red slope which in January I could not even slide down. I would recommend anyone to try this CD. At the very least it will help you to relax and may even help you to overcome your skiing nerves enough to be able to progress.

    Thanks Sharon! Beverley Gould


  • Brilliant

    February 2014 – Tisso

    I have been on numerous skiing holidays but never really enjoyed the skiing part! Two years ago I was in Switzerland, and had a bad skiing accident resulting in me being in plaster and on crutches for five months. I truly never thought I would ski again. However I searched for this type of product. Listened to it approx three times before I went on holiday, and then three times whilst actually there. It helped me enormously. I did not have the fear that was common for me as I approached the lifts , my skiing was pretty good and I enjoyed myself. I know that I probably would not have managed it without using this CD. Sharon is wonderful to listen to. Cannot recommend highly enough.


  • It really works

    I have had 6 skiing holidays and fear and anxiety constantly hold me back. However, after receiving this for my birthday and listening to it a number of times, I booked a lesson at Xscape. Usually I would feel sick with apprehension when at the top of the slope and sometimes even before the lesson, but this time was totally different. I felt calm and confident and am now looking forward more than ever to our holiday in Dec 2012 – Nanae

  • I skied all day from 9am to 4pm with just a 20 minute break for lunch!

    March 2016:

    Hello Sharon,

    I don’t usually write about products that I purchase but I wanted to share my experience with you.

    I started skiing about a month ago and took about 4 private lessons (4 days in a row) – I was your average learner (snow plough, some parallel on greens) BUT I was always afraid.  On my second lesson I had a complete meltdown and had to walk down the hill.  My husband managed to get be back on the hill later in the day but the fear of going downhill and accelerating plus the feeling of not having control never really went away.

    Last week we went to a new hill close to home, I did one run, found some icy patches, went through that horrible feeling again and decided to pack up my skis for good.  That evening, as a last resort I purchased your cd.  I listened to it for 3 times over a couple of days not quite sure if it ‘worked’ or not.

    Anyway, last Sunday my husband pushed me to join him for a last ski of the season at a location where i have skied a couple of times before.  i joined him and as i was going uphill on the chairlift I wondered if I would feel any different this time.  So, on the first run I felt a lot less fearful but I did stop halfway on the route, took some deep breaths, thought of my word ‘drift’ and told myself STOP.  The next run was much better and by run number 3 I was feeling very confident without any fear at all.

    I skied all day from 9am to 4pm with just a 20 minute break for lunch!

    Sharon, I cannot express my gratitude for you creating this cd as it really changed skiing for me.  i still need to improve my technique but now I can do so while enjoying myself and not having to deal with the fear that used to come with it.

    Please feel free to share my story as I want others to know that breakthroughs can happen even when it seems impossible.

    Thank you again!


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