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Hypnobirthing for an Easy Birth


Fighting the pain and becoming tense can spoil the wonder of childbirth. Deep relaxation of body and mind is the key tension-free, pain-free childbirth. Using  Self-Hypnosis means that when you go into labour you will have complete control over your body’s responses, so that you reduce the pain sensations that your brain receives, you decide what you feel! 

So relax and enjoy the whole experience!




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Self-Hypnosis for pain-free childbirth

‘Distraction’ plays a large part in blocking pain signals. We are only able to process a certain amount of information at any one time, so if we over burden the brain with visual, auditory and kinetic information we can block the pain messages. With this knowledge of how the brain recognises pain we can use Hypnotherapy to overload the mind, create a diversion, close the Pain-Gates and cause the body to go into a state of deep-relaxation, which reduces and sometimes eliminates pain completely.

How this Hypnotherapy session can help you.

This Hypno-Birthing session will enable you to truly relax every part of your body and mind so that you can drift through the peak of each contraction as though you are surfing on the crest of a beautiful wave and as the wave disappears, you will be left feeling calm, relaxed and in control.

Just knowing you are in control over your body’s physical reactions is relaxing in itself and the more often you can relax and drift into the state Hypnosis, the easier it will be to close the pain-gate within your subconscious mind the calmer you will be during labour.

Useful information about pain:

What is really happening in the body when we feel pain is just beginning to be understood by medical science. We are aware that the process starts when our cells emit a kind of ‘danger signal’, such as that stemming from tissue injury or inflammation. These chemical are known as Histamines.

When nerve fibres in our bodies sense these chemicals, they transmit an electrical charge along the spinal cord to a area called the dorsal horn. What happens at the dorsal horn is not fully clear, but this process of spinal pain signalling is often characterised as the “Pain Gate”. Pain-Gate Signalling causes extra chemicals called neurotransmitters to be released, which carry the pain signal to our brains. If you can intersect these messages and reduce the production of chemicals, you can shut the pain-gate, so in effect you are controlling the pain, rather than it controlling you.

Pain is very closely entwined with the psychology of the mind and we have all heard of anecdotal tales of astounding acts of bravely performed in life-threatening situations, when people should have felt extreme pain, but instead felt none until later; this is a perfect example of the mind delaying the pain signals just when it is most needed to – this  demonstrates that we can control the pain we feel.

You have everything to gain…

If you want to change how you feel, think or react in any given situation like being angry, combat a fear, change negative thoughts into positive ones, improve your health or boost your confidence, then start using self-hypnosis recordings – you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Sharon Shinwell. Dip Couns. Dip HP(NC) Dip. Sup. Dip CBT., is a qualified Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Clinical Counselling Supervisor.

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Read what our satisfied customers have said...

  • I had a brilliant  birth. I used Sharon’s techniques on the CDs throughout the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy.

    The midwife even noted on how calm and relaxed I was.

    This was my first baby and I had been feeling apprehensive about the birth almost since I became pregnant but at no time did i feel nervous or out of control which amazed me. I would recommend this CD to anyone who has the same worries as I did. Sara Dukes

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