Children's Sleepy-Time Stories

These Stories for Children aged 2 – 5 years, are ideal for bedtime or any other time you want your children to relax and drift off to sleep.  Great for long car journeys, flights and train rides or simply to calm your child down after an over-excitable day. Each story lasts on average 18 minutes. When the story ends the music continues allowing your child plenty of time to drift off to sleep,  if they haven’t already done so. These are available in download mp3 format or CDs via Amazon

Volume: 1
The Picnic In The Woods
The Man in The Moon
The Snowman

Volume: 2
The Magic Dust
A Day at the Farm
Pirates at the North Pole

Volume: 3
A Very Fishy Tale
Dippy The Dinosaur
The Mischievous Bear Cubs

The Sleepy-Time Series of Children's Audio Books

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