Self Hypnosis for Insomnia and Sleep

It is important to eliminate any other physical or medical cause for your lack of sleep, but true insomnia often has no cause at all, and this when Self Hypnosis for insomnia and sleep disorders can break that cycle of anxiety, tiredness and lack of sleep, allowing your body and mind to experience a completely restful, peaceful, re-energising night’s sleep.

Self Hypnosis for insomnia and sleep encourages the mind to switch off sufficiently to induce a deep sleep in the first instance, and to stay asleep in the second instance, only awakening at the time you have designated as being suitable to end that sleep.

By using Self-Hypnosis for insomnia and sleep disorders, you will become progressively more and more relaxed until you enter a deep, relaxed, hypnotic trance state. The deep relaxation process will distract the conscious part of your mind, and while this happens, positive suggestions are given directly to the unconscious part of the mind, and this is where the fundamental changes take place. These changes then infiltrate through to the conscious mind, so that the changes experienced in the ‘hypnotic’ state become realties in the wakeful state.

Everyone responds to Hypnotherapy and Self-Hypnosis differently, just as people do to any form of therapeutic intervention. Some will notice an instant change and for others it may take longer, but even when it feels that nothing at all has actually happened, you’ll be surprised at just how much has changed, but this is only noticed in retrospect, when you look back at how you were before you started using self-hypnosis. Just give it time and don’t try too hard to make it happen. You will find that the more often you use self-hypnosis, the easier it will be to achieve a very relaxed state of hypnosis, and the deeper the hypnotic trance state will become.

Self Hypnosis session for Insomnia

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