Download Troubleshooting

All our downloads are sent out automatically on payment. If your download doesn’t arrive please check your spam filter settings and your spam/junk mail inbox. Your download will be sent to your PayPal email address so make sure this is up to date and active.

All our mp3 files can be downloaded to most media-playing devices – just follow the manufacturer’s instructions. They will download to all PC’s and Laptops.

We cannot offer technical advice about specific media devices and how they operate or open emails and store the content,  as there are so many and they use different software programmes.

If you have bought a download product that contains word documents or a zipped folder, you will need to download these to a device that allows you to save them and open them. Zipped folders (compressed) are used to transfer large amounts of data in the fastest possible way. If you are using ‘windows’ you will already have a programme on your computer that will unzip folders.  If you cannot find this, there are 3rd party software products available, free of charge, on the internet that will do this. Just Google “how do I unzip a folder?”

Downloads do have an expiry time – you have 21 days to complete the download process and you have 21 download attempts.

How to Open Zip Files & Extract Archives on the iPhone & iPad?

If you’ve ever run into a .zip file on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad you will probably have discovered it’s a bit of a dead-end initially, because by default there isn’t much you can do with zips or any other archive format. That doesn’t mean you can’t open ZIP files though, and in fact these archives can be viewed, unzipped, and opened in iOS with relative ease, but you will need to download a free third party app before you’ll have the function included on your device. This will allow you view all of the contents of any zip file quickly, and also decompress the entire archive, or just extract a single file from a larger archive, providing quick access to the zip contents which can be saved locally or opened in another application of choice.

Requirements for unzipping files in iOS. You will need to download a third party utility to work with archive files in iOS:  Any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running a modern version of iOS (iOS 4.2 or later)

WinZip, the classic Windows-based archive manager has a version of itself for iOS, and it retains the same name from it’s desktop past. Now on iOS, it’s actually a great app that is free, fast, and efficient, and does exactly what we want it to do, plus it handles password protected zips with ease. The only complaint is the developers haven’t yet updated the app for the iPhone 5 resolution but the functionality remains intact. There are a few other options on the App Store, but WinZip is really the best choice we have come across. For more details we suggest you go to this website

You can also try iZip in the iTune Store: iZip

Please note that we do not accept any responsibility for these sites or the products mentioned, we are merely passing this information on.

APPLE APPLIANCES and mp3 files:

If you have an Apple product, mp3 files bought outside of their iTunes shop will need to be transferred into your iTunes library for use. We do not offer technical support for this; we suggest you familiarise yourself with this process before purchasing. We know from our customer’s feedback that our files are compatible and they can be used on all Apple devices once you know how to add them to your library or access them from a ‘cloud’ environment such as Drop Box.

If you have a PC or laptop simply add the files to your iTunes library and then sync it with your Apple product.

We have been informed that you can also use Google Drive, drop box and play over an internet platform.

Question: How can I move an mp3 file from an email on my iPhone into iTunes?

Below are some useful links we have found about downloading mp3 files to your Apple devices. Please note any instructions or procedures you choose to follow you do so at your own risk.

Here is a link to the support page on Apple regarding mp3 issues

Apple support

How to troubleshoot  iTunes  Match

How to put music on your iPhone without using iTunes

Responses from users on:

Answer: Apple does not make this possible. There may be a way to do so if it is jailbroken, but I’m not aware of anything that does the job. If you mean iTunes on your computer, you can download it through your email there and add it to your library as normal.

If you have any file system application (Such as Downloads, USB Disk, Mercury Web Browser) installed on your iPhone, you can hold on the mp3 in your mail app and choose open with, therefore copying it into your file system app. When you plug your iPhone into your computer and launch iTunes, browse to the Apps tab, and scroll to the bottom. Locate the app you copied the mp3 to and you can save the song out of there and into the iTunes library, and sync to your phone. There is no way to directly put the song from your email to the iPod app.

Answer: You can transfer an mp3 file in your iPhone inbox to your iTunes, but you’ll have to install a software named “iMesh” for that. It’s an alternative for iTunes which can synchronize each and every device which has media. So, for that you have to first download iMesh to your computer or laptop and the song in the email onto your iPhone, connect your iPhone to your PC/Laptop using the USB cable, and wait for iMesh to recognize your device. Then, iMesh will automatically bring up a list of all the music files in your iPhone. Click on anyone of them and transfer them to your PC. Open iTunes and add the song to your iTunes library.

If the email is on your Windows or Mac computer:
1. save the attachment to the Desktop
2. open iTunes
3. drag & drop the file into the Library list
If the email is on your iPhone/iPod you simply can’t on the device itself:
If you have an IMAP or Exchange account access it via your computer and follow the steps above.

Answer: If it’s an POP3 account you have to forward the email including the attachment to an email address you can receive via your computer.

Answer: All I know is that if you have the dropbox app and put it in uploads, you can listen to it anywhere. (You must hold down on the file in the email)

Answer: All I do is open the hard drive and look under downloads, if you have downloaded the mp3 on your mac from your email. Then open iTunes, then click on the downloaded emailed mp3 and drag to a file you set up in iTunes and there it is in iTunes. Next time you sync you iPhone it should be there.

Please note that we do not accept any responsibility for these sites or the products mentioned, we are merely passing this information on.